CCL-C Education Florence Daviet CPAWS (Feb. 2021)


Can carbon pricing and nature-based solutions be combined? 
CCL is all about carbon pricing and making the policy Canada currently has better. Some of our CCL colleagues in Europe are raising the alarm bells that without proper accounting there is a risk that biofuels will replace fossil fuels as the carbon price ramps up. Consequently, the planet might see a net increase in GHGs. As well, as the human population grows, there needs to be true accounting for “paving over paradise”. We are at the beginning of a very long discussion and we have brought in an expert, Florence Daviet of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS), to begin the discussion.

Florence Daviet
Florence has been the National Director of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) Forest Program since 2014. Her CPAWS work focuses on the Species at Risk Act, climate change policy, and forest management standards. She has a master’s degree from John Hopkins School of Advanced International Relations in international environmental issues, and has been working on international and national forest and climate policy questions since 2006. Before joining CPAWS, Florence produced key inputs for the Western Climate Initiative, the California Climate Action Registry, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and the Canadian government on forest carbon programs. Florence also managed a project working with 9 NGO partners in Brazil, Indonesia, and Cameroon where she worked with them in designing and implementing programs aimed at reducing deforestation and forest degradation, improving forest governance, and indigenous people’s rights in each country.

CPAWS CCL Presentation February 2021 pdf