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  • NEWS: CCL Canada smashes LTE record

    Summer is typically a season when warmer weather liberates Canadians to spend time outdoors. Consequently, volunteer activity usually slows down, but CCL Canada members kept up the pace and then some by smashing their record for letters to the editor. They generated 117 LTEs between July 1 and August 10, nearly quadrupling their monthly average of 30.

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  • CCL Youth to McKenna, Schiefke, and Trudeau: We’d love to connect.

    CCL Youth invite Catherine McKenna, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Peter Schiefke, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister (Youth), and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to meet them during CCL Canada’s annual conference and lobby days on October 21-24, 2017.

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  • LASER TALKS: Four detailed laser talks on Canada, CCS and Carbon Pricing

    CCSis a general term for a range of different industrial processes that can separate CO2 emissions from smokestacks and store it underground indefinitely as toxic waste. The science is clear, we will need to deploy CCS in order to avoid the 2C limit. When combined with biofuels, CCS can permanently reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Canada is a world leader in CCS. Without policy support such as adequate carbon pricing, CCS deployed at scales required to meet climate targets is unlikely.

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  • ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’ shows progress, offers hope

    Cathy Orlando, the National Director of CCL Canada, attended a special screening of Al Gore’s new film, which will open on July 28 in select theaters and nationwide on August 4. “An Inconvenient Sequel” is a follow-up to Gore’s 2006 documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth”. Here’s her take.

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  • BLOG: My Recent Climate Reality Leadership Training

    “Thank you, Mom, for doing this crucially important work as a climate activist. Your recent training as a Climate Reality Leader is inspiring, and serves as a reminder of the imperative of taking action, no matter your age or place in life, on behalf of a better future for the planet.” -Kara Smith, 21, daughter of Laura Sacks and Craig Smith.

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