Standing Our Ground

On Saturday, January 22, 2022, CCL Canadians gathered on a special call to launch 2022.

Our objectives were:

  • Understand CCL Canada’s niche in Canadian climate movement
  • Learn some of our histories at CCL Canada
  • Prepare to change the course of history in 2022.

Specifically, we see 2022 as a pivotal year because the G7 in Germany has signalled it is going to be a climate ambitious G7 open to the world. This G7 will be building upon the potential policy tracks that were laid down at COP 26, which can only ever be made into policies in most countries in the world if there is political will. And that is where we come in at CCL!

Standing Our Ground (pdf)

The Year Ahead

This is the year ahead:

  • Jan – CCL and CCI members plan their year
  • Feb 21 – IPCC Working Group II Report | Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
  • Mar 28 – IPCC Working Group III Report | Mitigation of Climate Change
  • Apr – World Bank / IMF Spring Meetings Apr – CPLC High-Level Assembly
  • May – Sunday, May 1 to Tuesday, May 3 – CANADIAN CONFERENCE AND LOBBYING DAYS in OTTAWA
  • May – ICIA Climate Income Forum May – C7 and the W7
  • Jun – SB56 mid-year UNFCCC negotiations
  • Jun – CCL 2022 Annual Conference Jun – CCI Global Conference and Lobby Days
  • Sep – UN General Assembly
  • Sep – Pan-Canadian online conference and lobbying event with our provincial parliamentarians
  • Oct 3– IPCC AR 6 Synthesis Report | Climate Change 2022 Oct – World Bank / IMF Annual Meetings
    Oct – CCI Global Conference and Lobby Days
    Nov – COP27 Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

CCL Canada Membership Expectations 2022

The CCL Canada Membership Expectations for 2022

This year, 2022, is a pivotal year for climate action globally and carbon pricing is a keystone policy for the transformation of global energy and financial systems underway. To respect my personal time and the time of my fellow CCLers, our focus is key. All of us will do our best to keep the discussions about the climate crisis, and carbon pricing consensus and evidence-based, respectful, and non-partisan, We will focus on our actions locally because “all politics is local”.

Specifically, we will:

  • Empower local group members to join CCL Canada’s 2022 Conference and Lobbying Days either online, in person or by listening to the recording and thereafter lobby our MP(s) and record that lobbying session in CCL’s Action Tracker.
  • Keep our local group’s lobbying efforts, both provincially and federally, almost exclusively focused on what is in the current Interim Leave Behind and thereafter on the Leave Behind we receive in April. Exceptions can be made to spend a very brief amount of time on the interests of the parliamentarian as part of relationship building, if applicable. Special considerations can be made in advance for lobbying provincial parliamentarians in provinces with cap and trade.  We will use CCL methodology when lobbying. If this is the first meeting with our Parliamentarian, our goal will be to get the 2nd meeting. 
  • Participate in the Canadian Group Leader Calls or check in with the national office at least 4 times a year to provide updates and most importantly relationship build (applicable to group leaders or their appointees only).
  • Meet with our local group at least 4 times a year to plan lobbying efforts and/or carry out CCL actions.
  • Read the monthly action sheets to develop a clear sense of what is happening in Canada, while keeping in mind:
    Our time is precious.
    – All politics is local, thus building political will locally is our focus.
    – We can join CCL Canada Action Teams to help with the national actions.   
  • Keep up to date on our chapter’s Action Tracker because politicians take note of highly organized volunteers and tracking actions is very empowering.
  • Trust that other groups doing their work will create other needed policies, and we can support and celebrate them by cheering them on and attending their events, for example.
  • Ascertain, where applicable, that our local CCL social media accounts are maintained, follow the “CCL Way”, and regularly share / retweet / like / comment on CCL Canada’s posts. Specifically, accept cohosting requests for CCL Canada events on Facebook and join and retweet with the CCL Canada Twitterstorm team. 
  • Join in CCL Community, the CCL Canada Group and the CCL International Group Leader’s group (coming soon). 
  • Lawfully Use the CCL Canada e-mailing lists provided to us from Citizens’ Climate Lobby for CCL purposes only because this is the law of the land under Canadian Anti-Spam Laws.