You can speak up for climate change solutions that bridge the partisan divide like Carbon Fee and Dividend, which gives all revenue back to households.


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February 10 Guest Speaker

Celia ParisCelia Paris, Loyola University

Our February guest is Celia Paris, Assistant Professor in Political Science at Loyola University. She is currently working on a book manuscript that explores whether Madisonian ideals for deliberative and collaborative political decision-making have lost their appeal. Titled Madison’s ABCs: Why the Public Still Values Accomplishment, Bipartisanship, and Civility in Congress, her book argues that the desire for a more Madisonian approach to politics remains alive and well in the American public and that citizens value accomplishment, bipartisanship, and civility.

CCCL Actions – February 2018 – Final

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  • LASER TALK:  The conservative gap
    LASER TALK:  The conservative gap

    Could carbon fee and dividend help fill the conservative gap? Carbon fee and dividend is economically efficient which will appeal to the current voters and addresses climate change and thereby could fill the gap of those concerned about…

  • LASER TALKS: Fossil Fuel Subsidies
    LASER TALKS: Fossil Fuel Subsidies

    There is an urgent need to reconsider the fossil fuel industry’s economic value chain in light of climate change. Negative taxes are artificially incentivizing companies to sink costs into infrastructure with dubious prospects. The costs of orphaned wells, tailing…

  • CCL Canada Education Call – January 2018 – Dr. David Robinson
    CCL Canada Education Call – January 2018 – Dr. David Robinson

    We learned an important term: compensating variation. Simply, you do something bad to people then you do something good to them to put them back in the same place they were before with different prices. More specifically to taxes,…