“It would be immoral to leave our children a climate system spiraling out of control,”  Dr. James Hansen, a member of our advisory board. 

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July 14 Guest Speaker

Adele Morris, Brookings Institution

If you want to learn about carbon pricing, Adele Morris is the person to talk to. She is a senior fellow and policy director for Climate and Energy Economics at the Brookings Institution. Her research informs critical decisions related to climate change, energy, and tax policy. She is a leading global expert on the design of carbon pricing policies. Before joining Brookings in July 2008, she worked with the Joint Economic Committee (JEC) of the U.S. Congress, where she advised members and staff on economic, energy, and environmental policy. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Princeton University, an M.S. in Mathematics from the University of Utah, and a B.A. from Rice University.

CCL Canada July 2018 Actions – July 13 Version

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