Leading Change – June 2015 Lobbying Days

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Ottawa, Ontario: From May 31 to June 2, 2015, twenty eight Canadians met, shared, strategized and then lobbied 25 parliamentarians for carbon fee and dividend. This was the eighth time we lobbied on Parliament Hill as a group since November 2011. The overwhelming response was that Parliament is listening closely to us now.

Want some proof? Three parliamentarians asked us to help them educate their colleagues after election 2015.

Aaron Freeman from GreenPAC and Carrie Saxifrage, author of The Big Swim were our guest speakers. They both gave fascinating talks and the discussions they had with CCL volunteers during the Q&A were enlightening.

You can view our photo album of this event in Facebook HERE.

Thank you to all the volunteers who, on their own dime and time, went to Ottawa to lobby for a liveable world.

To celebrate almost five years of lobbying in Canada, we created a retrospective video.

Thanks to Angie Nussey for permissions to use her song Still Hope. Over the past five years we have lobbied 91 federal parliamentarians and 45 provincial parliamentarians, many of them repeatedly.

Special thanks to Keith and Jean from Clearwater BC for riding their bikes across Ontario and getting over 28,000 signatures on the petition for a referendum on Carbon Fee and Dividend. 

Here is our conference booklet and cover.

You can watch the video of our meeting on Sunday, May 31 in Ottawa: