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May 2018 Newsletter:  Watch Ontario’s Online Conference, Media Release – Election 2018, Education with Dr. David Maenz,  Laser Talk: Big Oil Wants a Carbon Price, 2018 Conference Webpage, CCLers from across BC lobby, Record Breaking LTEs

April 2018 Newsletter:  Earth Day Media Release, CCL Ontario Conference, Macrocritical Resilience, National Conference Guest, Parachutes for the Planet, Nat’l Director at No-fly Conference, LTE Writers Weigh-in

March 2018 Newsletter:   City of Victoria signs Open Letter, Hamilton & Lanark County recharged, Ontario Election 2018
National Conference confirmed, Wildfires laser talk, Missing ingredient to save climate, Featured Letter to the Editor

February 2018 Newsletter: Fundraising exceeds expectations; 2018 National Conference dates; Record number of print media hits; 50 Club members and honourable mentions; CSC reaches 70 members;
CCL Canada, the G7 and Fossil Fuel Subsidies; Deep Dive into Fossil Fuel Subsidies in Canada

January 2018 Newsletter:  Is Trudeau Pondering CF&D? Climate Reality Leaders to Meet. Climate Solutions Caucus Grows. CCL Leader Gets Out of Comfort Zone. Marlo Firme Featured on CCL Radio.Featured Letter to the Editor. Around the World Updates. Why Canada-U.S. Cooperation is Key. CCL Expert on Actuaries Climate Index

December 2017 Newsletter:  The One Planet Summit Fires Up Momentum for the Paris Agreement, Polling highlights political risk of falling short on climate, Carbon pricing around the world, Letter to the Editor: CCLer draws on her Saskatchewan roots to critique their latest climate plan, BLOG: Taking Stock of Climate Progress Creates Real Hope – by Cathy Orlando, National Director of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, FUNDRAISING: Help Fund Our 2018 National Conference

Special National Conference Newsletter #2: Four Years Left, Super Wonky Document Alert, CCL Toronto Signs Open Letter, Post Media Endorses CF&D, Canada not going to meet targets: Environment Commissioner, Help Us Bend the Curve

Special Conference Newsletter #1: Open Letter, Record Breaking LTEs, Our Hotel, Our Upcoming National Conference

Summer 2017: Two Climate Reality Stories, The Pinky Promise, Our Upcoming National Conference

June 2017: Trump, Stiglitz, the RNNR Committee,  Vancouver Youth, The Canadian Embassy, Our Open Letter

May 2017: CCL Canada Applauds Pricing Pollution, Concerns About Fossil Fuel Subsidies, California Cap and Trade Reform, Open Letter to the CPC, Desjardins Group Award for Citizen Engagement , Open Letter, CCL Transformative Experience, Lobby with us in October

April 2017: CCL Canada Earth Day Media Release, CCL Canada Education with Dr. Keshav: Solar + Storage + IoT + LED = $30 Trillion, BC Election: Climate Change Counts, CCL Nova Scotia Urges Provincial Government to Hike Carbon Price Onward and Upward, CCL Canada PSA during Stanley Cup on Sportsnet, CCL Ontario Education: An honest discussion about electricity prices in Ontario with Mike Schreiner, Leader of the Green Party of Ontario

March 2017: CCL Ontarians Lobby their MPPs to Save the Climate, Canada Budget 2017 Installment #1:  The Trend To Clean Energy Is Irreversible, Climate Action Network Reacts to the Federal Budget, Laser Talk: How Revenue-Neutral Carbon Pricing Alone will Spur Low-Carbon Investments, National Director for CCL Canada Reflects on International Women’s Day


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