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Monthly Guests: Saturday, August 13, 2022

Expanding our outreach to include people from a variety of constituencies can strengthen our organization and improve our effectiveness as advocates. This month, we talk with Bob Inglis and Princella Talley about how they communicate with diverse audiences about climate change. Bob is a former Republican Congressman from South Carolina, and is now the Executive Director of republicEn, an organization empowering conservatives to advocate for market-based solutions to climate change. Princella is a Fellow at Large with the OpEd Project whose writing has been featured in numerous publications throughout the country. She previously worked for Citizens’ Climate Education as a Development Coordinator and Diversity Outreach Coordinator. 
How to join: 1. Video conference: cclusa.org/meeting Close all applications and other browser windows. See these instructions to turn on closed captions and adjust the font size. 2. Unlimited calling, call 1-646-558-8656; or toll-free at 1-877-369-0926. Meeting ID# 95498355745  3. Livestream: cclusa.org/livestream

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  • All Together Now
    All Together Now

    Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada invites you to join us in a first of its kind ever for us: a pan-Canadian online conference and lobbying event with both of our federal and provincial parliamentarians.

    Where: Zoom please sign -up open now 

  • Historic US Climate Legislation Signed Into Law
    Historic US Climate Legislation Signed Into Law

    The IRA is to be celebrated as a huge step forward. The race to net-zero is now on in North America! This is the most significant development for international climate action in the 30-year history of the United Nations…

  • Lobbying Resources Spring and Summer 2022
    Lobbying Resources Spring and Summer 2022

    Currently, our volunteers are lobbying federal Parliamentarians. Here are the resources to help them:
    Our 2022 Spring Lobbying Ask  a.k.a The Leave Behind
    Spring 2022 CCL Canada LASER Talks
    Getting Your Group Ready to Lobby