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Thanks to generous Canadians, our dedicated volunteers have achieved remarkable milestones, conducted impactful events and conferences, as well as over 2000 crucial lobbying meetings at the provincial and federal level. The steadfast support of volunteers and our donors has been the cornerstone of our success.

As we gear up for another year of action, your donation in our 2024 fundraising drive will be instrumental. With an average cost of $300 per person for our national events, every contribution is vital to keep our conference fees low and free for those who could not attend otherwise. Your funds will directly support venue rentals, AV equipment,volunteer sustenance, guest speaker accommodations, honorariums, conference swag and photocopying.

Together, we’ve proven that change is possible. With your continued support, we’ll forge ahead, achieving even greater victories.

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Let’s triumph together.

Why donate today?

Canada’s pollution pricing policies are reducing greenhouse gas pollution. This is good news because Canadians are overwhelmingly concerned about climate impacts. Did you that as the climate emergency intensifies, the government holds the power to elevate fossil fuel pollution prices, leading to a boost in the Canadian Carbon Rebate allocated to households?  Conequently, this bold initiative faces resistance and misinformation because of its remarkable effectiveness and efficiency .

CCL Canada Uses a Proven Theory of Change

We use a proven theory of change. How do we know it works? We were the group that lobbied over 1200 times for your Climate Action Incentive quarterly cheques between September 2010 and December 2020.

On October 16, 2018, Senator Grant Mitchell said to us, “You are one of the most successful lobbying groups I have worked with because you are about to get what you lobbied for.”

Then on Tuesday, October 23, 2018, Canada announced it was going to enact an incrementally rising carbon price with rebates. It needed some improvements, so we continued to lobby our parliamentarians.

WE DID IT AGAIN! On Friday, December 11, 2020, improvements to Canada’s carbon pricing policy were announced.  We were ecstatic when we read about the improvements they made. The government of Canada pretty much cut and pasted what we had lobbied our MPs for between 2018-2020.

We did again and again. In October 2023 we asked government to change the name of the rebate to citizens and require banks to clearly label the rebate in banks statements and they did that too.


We lobby for the greater good

Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers (CCLers) are the best lobbyists money can’t buy.  Our focus is redirecting financial flows away from fossil fuels and thus we lobby for and build political will for a suite of policies including Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms, Climate Aligned Finance and Cap on Emissions in Oil and Gas, in addition to strengthening Canada’s keystone climate policy – pollution pricing. Their donation of time is priceless.  They want to do more, and they will with your help.

Lobbying is not tax-deductable

Donations to us are not tax-deductible because we lobby, we train people to lobby, and we run conferences and lobbying days. All of these activities are non-charitable activities.

How to donate

You can make out your cheque to “Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada” and mail it to:

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada
2195 Armstrong Street
Sudbury, ON P3E 4W2

Or you can donate directly to our Canadian account at PayPal:

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About CCL Canada

We have been accumulating institutional wisdom since 2010. We are laser-focused on building the political will for policies that will shift trillions of dollars globally toward a thriving and equitable planet while not burdening the taxpayer.

We empower individuals so that they experience significant growth in their own political and personal power, as well as discover and celebrate their capacity to make a significant difference in this world. Our volunteers break down partisan and ideological barriers by reaching out to key stakeholders to build positive, effective working relationships.

Our work is not done. Pricing greenhouse gas pollution is under attack. Also, like during COVID, there are populist movements that ignore science at the peril of humanity. Consequently, we are not on track for the 1.5 C Paris Agreement target nor the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. But the good news is we can achieve these goals while not burdening the taxpayer. All we need now is to be brave and build political will.

We have a proven theory of change. And we are going to prevail.

Democracy requires a healthy and polite engagement between citizens and politicians. At the very core of our work at Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada are relationships. Thank you for learning more about us.

How the money will be spent

Money will also be used to host lobbying events at Queen’s Park in Toronto, Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and hopefully the Ledge in Edmonton this year and perhaps again in Manitoba too.

Also, in 2024, with your help, we plan to produce public service announcements educating the public about climate solutions and pilot a youth-led climate policy program. Why? Because most Canadians can’t name a single climate policy, and we need to help counter the carbon pricing disinformation. Note that we produced commercials in 2015. 

We raised $10,974 on our Earth Hour to Earth Day fundraising drive in 2023. In our 2024 Earth Month Fundraiser we raised $11, 501.

If you are blessed with financial abundance, then please consider donating $20, $50, $100, $500, $1000, or more to CCL Canada today.

You can also donate monthly. Small monthly donations add up, and they give us the flexibility we need to stay focused on supporting our volunteers while free of financial concerns.


  • Donations made to CCL USA from Canada stay at CCL USA
  • A board pre-approves all expenditures
  • A board approves all withdrawals of money
  • Two people must co-sign to remove money from our national account

We are grateful to our donors. We would never have been able to conduct a dozen national conferences and lobby days in Ottawa, five Ontario regional conferences, one Manitoba conference and lobbied collectively over 20 times on Parliament Hill (virtually during COVID) since 2011 without their unconditional giving and trust. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we also conducted four national conferences too.

Relationships are at the core of our work.