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CCL Canada is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change.

Guided by core values of optimism, relationships, integrity, personal power, and being non-partisan, our volunteers foster meaningful relationships within the community and with leaders on the climate file. We aim to build consensus, and with it, lasting change.

Please consider donating $20, $50, $100, $500, or $1000 to CCL Canada today. Any amount helps. This will help cover the cost of our National Conference in the fall of 2018.

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Read on to learn more about the work of CCL and where your donation goes.

About CCL Canada

Since 2010, CCL Canada has been lobbying parliamentarians for carbon fee and dividend and has played a role in creating the political will for a national carbon price in Canada.

Two days after the Election 2015, a Canadian Senator sent our national director the following message regarding CCL’s work,  You have done so much “groundwork” that can now start to really pay off. I feel that the prospects for climate action are exceptional.” 

In Canada, we have had recorded over 1900 letters to the editor, articles, editorials, and opinion pieces published in newspapers by or about us since 2010.  In 2017 preparation for lobbying in Ottawa in October 2017 our volunteers secured 242 signatures on our Open Letter to Parliament from businesses and smashed records our print media record. By October 16, 2017, we appeared on the editorial pages of newspapers across Canada 651 times.

And two years in a row, our volunteers have recorded over 100 lobby meetings each year.

From October 21 to October 24, 2017, CCL Canada held their fourth annual conference and lobbying days. It was four days full of firsts and mosts. We had the most number of face-to-face meetings: 44 in one lobbying blitz:  in total we lobbied in 49 offices. We lobbied seven cabinet members, the Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (Hon.Lisa Raitt), Liberal House Leader (Hon. Bardish Chagger), NDP House Leader (Guy Caron) and Green Party Leader (Elizabeth May). Fifty-one CCL volunteers lobbied in those meetings, and in total, 65 people attended the conference. Read more about it here.

We currently have over a dozen action committees at CCL Canada, as well as representation in over 80 ridings in Canada. Together, since 2011, we have lobbied on Parliament Hill 12 times.

All this sensitve work and meticulous organizing has been done by unwaged volunteers.

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Help Fund Our 2018 National Conference

We are raising money specifically to fund our fifth annual national conference in Ottawa in the fall of 2018. All monies raised from our yearly fundraising drive have been used to fund conferences. This does not include travel expenses nor salaries.

Financial contributions have also allowed us over the years to reduce or waive fees for people who would otherwise not be able to attend.

Every year, conferences fees have only covered about a third to a quarter of the cost of  our national conferences.

In 2017, conference costs included: the venue, refreshments at the conference, the Inuit throat singers, two evening socials for the volunteers, travel costs for presenters, audio-visual equipment rental, conference swag, gifts for presenters, translations of documents, and photocopying.

The conference budget is pre-approved by our board. All expenses and original receipts are submitted to the board and two people must sign to withdraw money from the bank account. In 2017, we have only withdrawn money twice: for the 2017 Ontario Conference and Lobbying Day and for our National 2017 Conference and Lobbying days.

Why donate today?

On November 20, 2017, in the top peer-reviewed scientific journal on the planet, Nature, the following was publishedEven if — and it is a huge if — all countries meet their current Paris pledges, the world will probably heat up by substantially more than 2 °C above pre-industrial temperatures.

That is why we exist at CCL — to help our politicians do more.  Your financial contributions at this critical juncture in world history will literally mean the world to us.

If you would prefer to donate by mail, you can make out your cheque to “Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada” and mail it to:

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada
435 Notre Dame Ave, Lower Floor
Sudbury ON
P3C 5K6
Att’n: Cathy Orlando-Mathur

Or you  can also donate directly to our Canadian account at Paypal:

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  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers are some of the best volunteers on the planet. Their commitment to the climate over the long term is unparalleled in the climate crisis.
  • Across Canada, we have been meeting monthly on regularly scheduled teleconference calls since September 2010.
  • Donations made to CCL USA from Canada now stay in the USA.
  • A board pre-approves all expenditures
  • A board approves all withdrawals of money
  • Two people must co-sign to remove money from our national account
  • No money raised in our year-end fundraising have been used to support salaries or even the travel expenses for our national director.
  • Please note we do not have charitable status in Canada and thus cannot issue tax receipts. This might give you an indication of why.



We are grateful to our donors. We would never have been able to conduct four national conferences, three smaller national conferences, three Ontario regional conferences, and lobby collectively 12 times on Parliament Hill since 2011 without their unconditional giving and trust.