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Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada’s Mission 150

MISSION 150: Currently, we are fundraising to cover the costs for our national conference in Ottawa in  2017. Our goal is 150 Citizen Climate Lobbyists on Parliament Hill in October 2017 creating the political will for a livable world in honour of 150 years of Confederation in Canada.

The Paris Climate Agreement  in December 2015, the Vancouver Declaration in March 2016,  the  North American Climate, Clean Energy, and Environment Partnership Action Plan in June 2016 and the then the announcement that Canada will have a national carbon price in October 2016 have set the course of history in the right direction.

We have no doubts that Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada has played a role in creating the political will for a national carbon price in Canada. Two days after the Election 2015 a Canadian Senator sent our national director  an email with the following message, You have done so much “ground work” that can now start to really pay off. I feel that the prospects for climate action are exceptional.”

From November 26-29, 2016, 53 Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers prepared for and then lobbied on Parliament Hill for improvements to Canada’s national carbon pricing policy and experienced their most productive week of lobbying to date in their six-year history in Canada. We lobbied 40 Members of Parliament (MP) and one senator in face-to-face meetings, as well as the staff of six parliamentarians. Included among the volunteers were three US citizens and three First Nations.  Additionally that week, a CCL group lobbied a Provincial Minister of Energy face-to-face.

For over six years, Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) volunteers across Canada have been communicating about climate change and carbon pricing with their federal and provincial parliamentarians. In 2015, their attentions were more focused provincially. The last time CCL did a major federal lobbying push was in 2014. In 2014, we officially recorded 55 face-to-face meetings that entire year. To date in 2016, CCL volunteers from across Canada have documented 162 face-to-face meetings with federal parliamentarians specifically to discuss Canada’s national carbon pricing policy. Thus,2016 will be our biggest year of lobbying federal parliamentarians too.

Volunteers at the November conference acknowledged that Canada’s climate targets are currently inadequate and that there is a grave risk of losing the political resolve on the gains Canada has made to secure a healthy climate in the lead-up to next federal election in 2019. Thus, they made the following pledge:

“I want to live in a democracy where all politicians of all political stripes can get elected for pro-environmental policies, not in spite of them. Thus, in my riding, I pledge to generate the political will for a livable world. Specifically, I pledge to do my best to keep the discussions around climate change and carbon pricing factual, respectful and non-partisan in my local media, while doing community outreach and communicating with local leaders. All politics is local after all.”


Your financial contributions at this critical juncture in world history will literally mean the world to us because conference fees do not cover the costs of a national conference by a long shot. Plus, financial contributions have allowed us  over the years to waive fees for people who would otherwise not be able to attend.

To our volunteers, if you manage to raise $500 or more for CCL Canada, you will get a special invitation to our Donor’s Luncheon at our 2017 National Conference in Ottawa.

If you would prefer to donate by mail, you can make out your cheque to “Citizens’ Climate Lobby” and mail your cheque to:

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada
435 Notre Dame Ave, Lower Floor
Sudbury ON
P3C 5K6
Att’n: Dr. Sanjiv Mathur

Or you  can also donate directly to our Canadian account at Paypal:

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  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers are some of the best volunteers on the planet. Their commitment to the climate long game is unparalleled in the climate crisis.
  • Across Canada, we have been meeting monthly on regularly scheduled teleconference calls since September 2010.
  • Donations made to CCL USA from Canada now stay in the USA.
  • A board pre-approves all expenditures
  • A board approves all withdrawals of money
  • Two people must co-sign to remove money from our national account
  • No money raised in our year-end fundraising have been used to support salaries or even the travel expenses for our national director.
  • Please note we do not have charitable status in Canada and thus cannot issue tax receipts. This might give you an indication of why.
  • We are grateful to our donors over the years who recognised that charitable receipts are an unrealistic expectation. We would never have been albe to conduct three national conferences, two smaller national conferences, two Ontario regional conferences and lobby collectively 11 times on Parliament Hill without their unconditional giving and trust.