Standing Our Ground 2023

Standing Our Ground: Rebellions are Built on Hope

CCL Canada’s 2nd Annual Planning Session
Sunday, January 29, 2023
7 pm to 9 pm EST.

Learn about how we work and our plans for 2023. We are going to shift trillions of dollars toward a thriving and equitable planet. Our plans are based on a Theory of Change. In fact, our Theory of Change is also used by the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars Rogue One. Watch our YouTube video to find out more.


1. Understand CCL Canada’s niche and history in the Canadian climate movement
2. Reflect on all that we learned in 2022 via our lobbying, research, experiences, and involvement in multilateral processes.
3. Build and create action teams that will help us transform Canada and the world with evidence-based action focused on our niche, keeping in mind our resources and the fact the time of our volunteers is extremely precious.

Who is our audience?
People who are keen to lobby, protect and improve Canada’s carbon pricing policy in their own ridings, communicate clearly and effectively that fossil fuels are the major source of air and climate pollution, inform fellow citizens that fossil companies have been lying to them for decades, remind everyone of our inherant right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment, and support efforts to redirect financial flows towards a resilient future.

We value everyone’s time
Focus is our superpower. We hope that on average our leaders can dedicate about 10 hours a month (120 hours) and their supporting volunteers around 50 hours yearly. How do we achieve this? We are highly focused, and very organized. Because of this, we have attracted the best volunteers on the planet, and they get things done.