A ROGUE BLOG- Rebellions are built on hope- CCL Canada’s year end call

A ROGUE BLOG- Rebellions are built on hope- CCL Canada’s year end call

by Cathy Orlando,

Do you want to feel hope? Then listen to CCL Canada’s 2016 year end call.

Twenty six people were on the call and it was one of the most hopeful calls about climate change I have ever experienced.


The agenda for the call was:
  1. Mark Reynold’s message to CCL Canada (first 10 minutes)
  2. CCL Nova Scotia report from the field on lobbying Premier McNeil – which is  the first face-to-face meeting with a sitting Premier by CCL Canada.
  3. CCL Canada’s around the country closing thoughts for 2016: What has given you hope in 2016? and/or What is a big take home message for you from 2016 which you plan to carry in 2017?
  4. The call also includes another first: the first time a CCLer and their mom was on the same call. Yannick Trottier’s mom secured the appointment for CCL with her Nova Scotian-MLA, Premier McNeil and she was on the call last night.

It has been a very long time since I have felt this hopeful about the future.  Thank you all of you for the early Christmas present of hope.

If you are falling into despair you are probably not doing enough. Create your intention to build a better world in 2017. Live your life and decide to do one thing in 2017. Join people on the front lines. Don’t have time? Consider donating money to people on the front lines.

Do you want Canada to have a national carbon price that helps the planet avert climate catastrophe but you don’t have the time to dedicate to making this happen? Please consider donating to CCL Canada and help us achieve our mission of 150 people lobbying for a strong, national, revenue-neutral  and predictably rising carbon price of at least $150 per tonne by 2030 in October 2017 in honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation.

Rebellions are built on hope – Rogue 1

UPDATE: In 2016 we had 162 face-to-face meetings with federal parliamentarians. We are a very hopeful organisation.


Cathy Orlando has put her words to work for the climate by getting letters and opinion pieces published in newspapers in every province in Canada. When she’s not safeguarding the climate alongside the best volunteers on the planet, you can probably find her stargazing, dancing, reading books not about climate change, hanging out with her husband Sanjiv, and mothering her three cherished daughters.