Spring and Summer 2023 Lobbying Resources

Spring and Summer 2023 Lobbying Resources

Leave Behind – Spring 2023
This has been translated. A gentle reminder that you don’t lobby for everything in the Leave Behind – you select what you think is best for your context. To help you understand each point we have compiled a Laser Talks booklet.

Laser Talks Booklet – Spring 2023
To support your lobbying efforts, the Laser Talks Action Team has done their best to compile the most relevant Laser Talks.
Note that you don’t need to learn all of them – just the ones relevant to your lobbying asks.
We encourage you to print copies.

CCCL Lobbying 101 
Our PowerPoint presentation for lobby training.

Getting ready to lobby document
The lead person makes sure there is a biography of the parliamentarian in a document. Lobbyists meet before the lobbying session to review the document, assign roles in the meeting, the focus of their lobbying based on the most current “leave behind” and design possible motivational interviewing questions.

CCL Lobby Training Video