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  • OPEN LETTER: Request For Nova Scotia’s Carbon Price To Go Upward And Onward

    Big thanks to Joanne Light for her leadership in creating a document that highlights how woefully inadequate Nova Scotia’s GHG emissions target are and offering specific suggestions to make Nova Scotia’s climate plan better. Special thanks to Brian Gifford, Andy Blair, and Peggy Cameron for working on the drafts with Joanne and Peter Bateman for submitting the final document to the Government of Nova Scotia.

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  • MEDIA RELEASE: Ontarians Lobby Their MPPs to Save the Climate

    Constituents met with 8 provincial parliamentarians face to face and the staff of four others. Of note, they met face-to-face with the Ontario Energy Minister, the Honourable Glenn Thibeault and the opposition critics for Environment and Climate Change: Ted Arnott (Progressive Conservative of Ontario) and Peter Tabuns (New Democratic Party of Ontario).

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  • MEDIA RELEASE: Canada Budget 2017 Installment #1: The Trend To Clean Energy Is Irreversible

    CO2 is rising faster now than in other time in human history. Going forward, Canada and the world needs a carbon price of at least $150 tonne by 2030, elimination of fossil fuel subsidies, and border tax adjustments to level the playing field with countries that don’t have equivalent carbon prices. Most importantly, carbon pricing must protect the poor and middle class and be impervious to cynical and populist attacks. Climate and energy are highly connected and complex files. Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers across Canada are here to help create political will one riding at a time.

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    Frankly, Canada’s current carbon price of $50 per tonne by 2022 won’t be enough to meet Canada’s goal of reducing emissions to 30% below 2005 levels by 2030. As well, this goal is woefully inadequate. If every country adopted Canada’s targets, this would not keep warming below 2oC, let alone the 1.5oC nations promised to pursue in Paris.

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  • BLOG: International Women’s Day and Climate Change

    March 8 is International Women’s Day. With the election of Donald Trump and all the unraveling of climate action in the USA, as a mother of three girls, protecting my daughters and all women from the ravages of climate chIMG_2007ange is what I am thinking about.

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