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  • CCL Canada Education Call with Céline Bak

    CCL Canada’s Guest on our monthly Education Call was Céline Bak. Listen and learn about how Canada has fallen behind in Clean Tech and what are some of the solutions going forward. A predictably rising carbon price past 2022 is needed.

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  • LASER TALK: Reframing the concern of the high carbon price

    Dr. Chris Ragan, the chair of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission says this about carbon pricing vs regulation, “Whenever people say, “We can’t have a carbon price that high!” try asking them, “Why can’t we have income taxes that low?” and then we added to that thought.

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  • MEDIA RELEASE: Climate Group Applauds the Federal Government’s Plan to Price Pollution

    McKenna is correct in her assertion that pricing carbon pollution is the lowest-cost way to reduce emissions. An April 2015 study from Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission determined that the Canadian economy would grow by an additional 3.7% by 2020 with a well-designed carbon pricing policy compared to using regulatory mechanisms to reduce carbon emissions.

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  • MEDIA RELEASE: Government Must Be More Forthcoming Concerning Fossil Fuel Subsidies

    Auditor General (AG) frustrated by insufficient data to audit Canada’s 2009 commitment to phase out “Inefficient” fossil fuel subsidies. The AG said, “We asked Finance Canada to provide us with its analyses of the social, economic and environmental aspects of these subsidies. The department did not give us that information.”

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  • LASER TALK: Climate Dismissives Beware!

    “Climate dismissives” who want to win in any election may want to rethink why they are being dismissive about climate change and carbon pricing. Otherwise, their dismissiveness may be something they regret at election time.

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