CCL Canada Education: Border Carbon Adjustments with Erin Campbell

Did you hear the good climate news last week? The European Union countries backed the bloc’s plan to impose a world-first border carbon adjustment on imports of polluting goods.

Before we started volunteering with Citizens’ Climate Lobby many of us did not know what a border carbon adjustment was or how profound an impact it could have on reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. We know that many new volunteers and new parliamentarians are probably in a similar situation.

To help us prepare for lobbying in May, we invited Erin Campbell from Resources for the Future to share with us a presentation on the basics of border carbon adjustments.

Please note there are several names for Border Carbon Adjustments including “carbon dioxide border tariff” and “carbon border adjustment mechanisms” to name two.

Resources shared
Erin Campbells Presentation
William Nordhaus Paper on Climate Clubs

About Erin Campbell
Erin Campbell is a Research Analyst at RFF on the Comprehensive Climate Strategies Program. Her work focuses on the intersection of international climate and trade policy. At RFF, she works on the Global Energy Outlook team and the International Climate Policy Initiative. She is a recent graduate of the University of Rochester where she earned a Bachelor of Science in environmental health and a Bachelor of Arts in economics. Before joining RFF, she worked in the Health and Environmental Economics Lab at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, served as an AmeriCorps Vista member in Rochester NY focused on food justice, and did backend support for the Animal Disease Spread Model housed at the USDA.