CCL Canada Education: Because IPCC with Charles Hodgson

Because IPCC with Charles Hodgson

Why BecauseIPCC? 

In 2022, the IPCC will be releasing three reports. To help us all communicate the IPCC information better, we have decided to introduce you all to the Because IPCC Project because it is an invaluable resource. It beautifully explains how the report – and peer-reviewed science – works and why we need to listen to it.

Download the book, for free.

Charles Hodgson, with many volunteers, has produced a graphic book set in the future where we have solved the problem of climate change, thanks to the IPCC report. Because IPCC is a project of the Canadian charity Succession.

And it has been translated and is currently available in Welsh, German, Spanish, Français, Dutch, Português, Slovák, Swedish, and Chinese.

Below is a video of the narration of the graphic novel BecauseIPCC.

Watch BecauseIPCC - A Graphic Novel