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  • Hurricane Sandy Media Packet – Canada, October 22, 2013

    CONTACT: cathy@citizensclimatelobby.ca , 705-929-4043 One year after Sandy’s wake-up call, it’s time to get moving on a carbon tax To minimize the risk of future disasters, we need a market-based solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions  One year after Sandy, America’s loudest wake-up call on climate change, many places along the New Jersey coast are still struggling with recovery efforts. […]
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    Carbon pricing: Carbon Fee and Dividend The Many Ways to Price Carbon Why We Want 100% Revenue Neutrality How a revenue carbon pricing alone will spur low-carbon investments Reframing the high cost of carbon You Had Me at ‘Pigovian’ Carbon Fee and Dividend Will Reward Carbon Conscious Conusmers Why We Prefer a Fee to Cap-and-Trade Cutting carbon is cheaper than […]
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