LASER TALKS: CCL Canada Updates Laser Talks in Preparation for Lobbying.

LASER TALKS: CCL Canada Updates Laser Talks in Preparation for Lobbying.


In preparation for lobbying the Canadian government post-USA election, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada has updated many of their key laser talks and assembled them into a booklet.

CCL Canada LASER Talks Booklet updated November 2020 (pdf)
CCL Canada LASER Talks Booklet updated November 2020  (Word)

Carbon Pricing 101  

The What and Why of Carbon Pricing
The Many Ways to Price Carbon Pollution
Carbon Fee and Dividend
Canada’s Carbon Pricing System
Carbon Pricing and the Cost of Gas

Canada’s Challenges and Opportunities  

UPDATED Balancing the Budget, Income Inequality, and Climate
Enshrining U.N.D.R.I.P. Under National Law
UPDATED Canada’s Recent Polling Data
Where Canada’s Emissions Come From
Tracking Canada’s Climate Action (2008 – 2020)
NEW Why Our 2% Matters
The Pan-Canadian Expert Collaboration
UPDATED CCL Canada’s Climate Accountability Recommendations

International Climate Policy 

UPDATED Carbon Pricing Around the World
UPDATED Border Carbon Adjustments
The UK Climate Change Act
The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act in the USA

Carbon Pricing In-depth

Carbon Pricing is the Most Silver-Bulletish Policy that we know of
Cost-Effective Complementary Climate Policies
UPDATED Output-Based Pricing and CCL Canada’s Position
NEW Stop the Dash to Gas in the Electricity Sector
UPDATED Lessons from the Provincial Court Rulings
Fair Path Forward’s Rebate Calculator

Climate Connections 

How to respond to an observation that climate activism makes youth anxious
NEW Climate-Motivated Financial Shake-ups in 2020
Carbon pricing attends to our Climate and Health Emergency
UPDATED The Effect of Pricing Carbon on Farmers
The IPCC Report on Climate Change and Land
The IPCC 1.5 °C Report



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