Laser Talk: Canada’s National GHG Inventory Data

Laser Talk: Canada’s National GHG Inventory Data 

Canada recently committed to cutting GHG emissions to at least 40% below our 2005 levels by 2030. Yet, science tells us we must achieve 50% below. And because we are a wealthy nation we are obligated to commit to at least 60%. 

 Building a low carbon future is a nation-building exercise. The entire confederation must work together to achieve evidence-based climate targets. We need every province and territory working on this together.

Every year, as required under the UNFCCC, Canada submits its GHG national inventory. The most recent data up to 2019 is presented below.  Clearly, some provinces have made progress since 2005 (Figure ES8).  Looking carefully at Table ES-4 below, changes in governments in Manitoba (2016), Ontario (2018), British Columbia (2017),  Quebec (2018), and Alberta (2018) coincided with increases in GHGs in those provinces soon after they were elected. 

We are in a climate emergency. All members of the confederation should be listening to the experts and working together to create a liveable world. 

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