The first part was written by CCL Washington DC for their newsletter to Congress, March 2014 and circulated all over Capitol Hill in Washington DC. We have added pictures and video. 

On November 19th, 2013, Bruce Hyer [MP Thunder Bay Superior North] stood before Parliament to ask that his government consider the Citizens’ Climate Lobby Carbon Fee and Dividend model. Looking down upon Mr. Hyer, from the opposition’s gallery that day, sat a group of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) volunteers.

A year and a half earlier, MP Hyer had pledged to this small but dedicated group of 11 volunteers to champion a carbon tax. "We held that moment under our hats for a year and a half," remembers CCL Canada National Manager, Cathy Orlando. "We were such calm and polite Canadians in the room and yet completely over the moon on the green grass of Parliament when we left the building."


On January 30th, 2014, MP Hyer addressed the Speaker of the House, citing the clear merits of a revenue neutral carbon tax, explaining that it is, “The most efficient, market and business friendly way to reduce emissions”, noting the work of Citizens' Climate Lobby more than once. With the support of CCL he stated, “Each of us knows that inaction on climate change will be far more expensive than taking action…whether or not [your] party will allow [you] to admit that publicly."
DEBATE: House of Commons Carbon Fee and Dividend – January 30, 2014

It was no small triumph for the CCL contingent to hear their belief in a market-based solution echoed so boldly in the halls of Parliament, and be reminded of the power of a well-organized, committed citizenry. NAFTA provisions keep the American and Canadian energy economies closely intertwined, making this a victory not just for Canada.  As Ms. Orlando reflected,“It just takes one country to take the lead on carbon pricing and we can turn the page.”


UPDATE May 2014

On May 16, 2014 MP Bruce Hyer again asked in Question Period for Parliament to Consider Carbon Fee and Dividend. 

QP: House of Commons Carbon Fee and Dividend – May 16, 2014

And yet again MP Hyer asked our government to consider Carbon Fee and Dividend on Monday, May 26, 2014.
The mainstream media is not picking up the story. Don't believe us? Google "Bruce Hyer" and "Carbon Fee and Dividend". 
DEBATE: Bruce Hyer on CLEAN TECHNOLOGY – May 26, 2014

The existential crisis of our time, an MP is standing in the House of Commons asking for an economically, scientifically and sociologically sound policy on pricing carbon and the result is practically dead silence from the mainstream media.  It is up to the grassroots to create the parade to save the climate. What would Desmund Tutu say? We are truly grateful MP Hyer is championing Carbon Fee and Dividend in the House of Commons. At Citizens' Climate Lobby we stand behind any politician  who will stand up for the climate.