CCCL Newsletter June 2014

CCCL Newsletter June 2014

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Did you know that carbon fee and dividend is being debated in the House of Commons? Four times now  MP Bruce Hyer (Thunder Bay Superior North) has asked pointed questions of the government of Canada regarding the climate crisis, clean tech, China and carbon fee and dividend. CCL Washington DC wrote the first part of this newsletter piece and circulated it all over Capitol Hill in March 2014 … read more here …

CCL Collaborates with MP Atamanenko to screen The Change Agents on Parliament Hill June 3 and 17 parliamentarians RSVP yes (Laura Sacks, Cathy Orlando and The Change Agents – modified for our purposes). While in Ottawa at least a dozen CCLers will be conducting a mini-lobbying blitz.  Stay tuned for our summer newsletter where will share our stories. Until then, please … read the media release about the movie here … 

Oh yes we can solve the climate crisis for free to the taxpayer.

In less than three minutes, this video describes how carbon fee and dividend works …  Watch the video here … 

Special Ontario Media Packet  (Yannick Trottier) 
HOW ONTARIO COULD CONTINUE REDUCE NEGATIVE ELECTRICITY PRICES AND GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS AT THE SAME TIME. What are the logical next steps for Ontario in the context of the climate crisis and the Green Energy Act? … Learn the myths, facts and hopes about electricity prices in our media packet here … 

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