Volunteer Resources

What we do…

We lobby in support of our Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal by building friendly relationships with our federally elected representatives. We do so with respect, appreciation and gratitude for their service.

 We write letters to the editor and op-eds, and meet with editorial boards to gain their editorial endorsement.

 We facilitate presentations and table at events to promote CCL and introduce others to our Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal.

 We support our volunteer chapters with monthly conference calls, and we support the leaders of those chapters with regular conference calls and a network of people to support them.

What we believe…

Politicians don’t create political will, they respond to it. We believe citizens who are well-trained, organized by Ridings and with a good system of support can more than influence the political process.

In respect for all viewpoints, even for those who would oppose us.

Based on what climate scientists and economists tell us, we believe that Carbon Fee and Dividend is the best first step to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to mitigate the impacts of a changing climate.

All politics is local. Thus we build political will for a liveable world by building relationships locally with our politicians, community leaders and local media as well as educating our community. The resources below will help you get started:

Getting Started

Welcome to Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada! We educate and lobby for a predictable, incrementally increasing and fair price on carbon pollution policy called “The Carbon Fee and Dividend Act.”

Are you interested in founding a chapter in your area? Here are some resources to get you started.

Here’s some of the basic information about who we are and what we do. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Endorser Project



Two letters of endorsement:

  1. One letter endorses CCL’s Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal.  Think of this as your  Primary  ask.
  2. If the endorser isn’t quite ready to support CCL’s proposal, we also have a letter endorsing climate pricing (new).
    Think of this as your  Supporting ask.



In August 2015, we asked our members to get community leaders to endorse carbon fee and dividend or climate action but the election took over and not many people got leaders to sign.

Within the 90 days after the climate talks in Paris, our new government plans to introduce a national climate policy. As Parliamentarians move closer to supporting carbon pricing, endorsements from community leaders for carbon fee and dividend back in their ridings will be a critical factor in their decision to sponsor or vote for our legislation.

Therefore, for December, January and February, we are asking CCL chapters to seek and secure these endorsement letters that have been updated.


How to get an endorsement:

The approach we are taking to secure endorsers is the same approach we use to lobby our Members of Parliament and Senate. The approach begins with a request for a meeting via phone followed by an email.

Make a list of community leaders/organizations your group will approach for endorsements. Church leaders, municipal politicians, academics, newspaper editors, business leaders, social justice/advocacy groups, environmental groups, etc.

  • Assign a volunteer to each leader. That volunteer will request a meeting.
  • Decide who will lead the endorsers project and support volunteers in their efforts.


Subject: <Leader Name> – Support for Climate Action

<Intro, appreciation and/or reference common interests>

I am writing regarding the subject of climate change, a looming crisis that threatens our way of life and that requires immediate action at the national level.  I am a member of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), and we are asking community leaders to sign onto a letter confirming their support for carbon pricing.

We are currently engaged in conversations with Members of Parliament, and your support could be a determining factor in whether they choose to take action.

We would like to meet with you or your staff to discuss the issue, the solution and your possible support. When would be a good time for a meeting?

Thank you, NAME

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), <CITY> Chapter

<EMAIL> | <PHONE> | https://canada.citizensclimatelobby.org



Use the “Lobbying Kit below” to help you prepare.

Lobbying Tool Kit

Suggested visuals to bring when lobbying

Additional resources

Suggested books to give your MP:

Liz and Cathy with MP Michael Chong

Liz Armstrong, MP Michael Chong and Cathy Lacroix

Outreach and Tabling

These are materials that you can use when you attend, speak at, or table at events.


Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 2.35.15 PM Half-page pamphlet in PDF Updated April 2015
Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 2.52.53 PM General CCL trifold brochure in Word Updated 2015
epetitioncardsingle.fw #e297 Petition Sheet and Image Updated April 2015
FOUR  The Case for a Carbon Tax bookmark
Customizable CCL business card, 3.5x2in.Colour: PDF, PNG or JPG
Black/white: PDF, PNG or JPG
Greyscale: PDF, PNG or JPGDon’t forget to put your own contact information on the back, e.g.  black/white or colour
Admit One Admit One tickets for Wednesday night Introductory Call
everything is connected cathy orlando 2008 “Everything is connected” poster PDF (English) and French

Display Materials

Parliamentary Petition Project

We’ve made a basic petition for Carbon Fee and dividend in English (PDF or Word doc) and French (PDF or Word) for you to use. You can check out the rules for parliamentary petitions on Parliament’s website.

PURPOSE: We use petitions to educate parliament about the urgency of the climate crisis and our solution. Also, it will could possible empower your MP to be more supportive of Carbon Fee and Dividend if he/she sees local support for our solution.


  • Have people sign the petition at outreach events and/or carry a copy of it and ask friends and acquaintances to sign it.
  • Once you have obtained 30 signatures, call your MP’s office
  • Identify yourself as a constituent of his/her riding
  • Ask if your MP if he/she would be willing read our Parliamentary Petition on climate change in its entirety (excluding the signatories) in the House of Commons
  • Print the petition on legal (8.5 x 14) or letter-size (8.5 x 11) paper.
  • Make sure there are three lines for signatures on the first page.
  • Make sure there is a line at the top of every signature page thereafter indicating that it is a parliamentary petition and its topic.
  • Get at least 25 signatures on the petition – follow the instructions closely. We recommend getting 30 just to be safe.
  • Once completed, copy it for your files if you wish, then bring the original file to your MP’s office in to be read in Parliament.

Hand deliver or send the original copy of the petition to:

House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

No stamp is required for Parliament in Ottawa.

If your MP will not read the petition, we can send it to other MPs who will. Follow up by asking when it will be read in Parliament, how it was received and a big thank you via snail mail, email and social media. Please inform us in your monthly Citizens’ Climate Lobby field report if your petition has been read aloud in the House of Commons. It is considered to be outreach.  By informing the national office we can thank them on Twitter and Facebook.

Cabinet Ministers are not permitted to read petitions in the House of Commons as it would constitute a “conflict of interest”. Thus if your MP is a cabinet Minister you should inform him/her about the petition and ask if he or she could suggest another MP from your province who might read the petition instead.



On May 11, 2016 CCL Canada launched an e-petition (#e297)  for carbon fee and dividend.  Petition #297  is uniquely located on the Government of Canada’s website. Once an e-petition garners at least 500 signatures and is sponsored by an MP, it can be tabled in Parliament. That would require the government to provide a written response, posted online, within 45 days.

Toronto MP Nathaniel Erskine Smith (Liberal) is sponsored our petition.

Check out our e-petition #e297: https://petitions.parl.gc.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-297


PLEASE NO MORE NATIONAL ONLINE PETITIONS IN 2017: Some of you may be looking to 2017 and have begun making plans. The National Office will not support national petitions unless there is a well-thought out work plan with timelines, job descriptions and realistic plans that lead to a HUGE number of signees (10,000+++) and that you have buy-in on your plan from most of the CCL group leaders in groups in Canada.
This is complete alignment with CCL USA’s way. Even with close to 50,000 people on their supporter list, they don’t do national petitions. National petitions are not a lever of creating political will. Creating political will the CCL-RESULTS-way is all about what happens in your riding. It all about relationship and not pseudo-connection stuff that happens online.

We have precious time resources in organization. We need to use them wisely so we can all savour the planet – which must come first.