LASER TALK: The Very Alarming Global Vital Signs

The Very Alarming Global Climate Vital Signs

Takeaway: The vital signs of our global climate are very alarming, but we still have time. We need to be brave and unite across the planet to unwind our global economy from fossil fuels.

It is not your imagination – heat and climate records are being shattered.

  • the World Meteorological Organisation reported that June, July and August 2023 were the hottest three months globally on record, with unprecedented sea surface temperatures and much extreme weather
  • A July 2023 study finds the collapse the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation, or AMOC, could happen far sooner than scientists have previously thought, possibly within a few decades, as a result of human-caused global warming.
  • On September 18, 2023, Antarctic sea ice coverage was at a mind blowing record low.
  •  NASA-CERES data from July North Atlantic Ocean Absorbed Solar Radiation Anomaly is off the charts and is evidence that Sulphur Termination Shock may also be impacting our planet.
  • The North Atlantic Ocean surface temperature is well above normal (and alarming).

These data underscore the need for rapid decarbonization of our global economic systems – in particular a managed global phaseout from fossil fuels which accounts for 85 percent of greenhouse gases in the past decade.

The findings in the sixth assessment synthesis report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (AR6 IPCC, April 2023) were straightforward: there is enough worldwide funding available to swiftly decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution, provided we address existing obstacles. It is essential for our governments to pass legislation that holds those responsible for pollution accountable and shifts financial investments away from fossil fuels.

The positive aspect is that once we achieve net-zero emissions within a decade or two, Earth’s climate systems will start to stabilize.

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