Canada can you say "A mari usque ad mare, Sea to Sea and D'un océan à l'autre"?

Not only did we meet with MPs from sea-to-sea and gather as CCLers in Ottawa from sea-to-sea we also published in papers from sea-to-sea this month – which is a first too! And we had  7 OpEds/articles written by CCLers in one month – which is also a record and almost as many in one month as we had in all of 2012 (12 OpEd/columns in 2012) The Opeds were published in the Vancouver Sun … Toronto Star …. Sudbury Star … The Hill Times … Manitoulin Expositor … Hamilton Spectator … The Red Lake Northern Sun … We had LTEs in the Montreal Gazette, Island Tides (Vancouver Islands), the Globe and Mail (TWICE), the Hamilton Spectator the National Post and Toronto Star too. …. And there was an article about us in the New Glasgow News (Nova Scotia).

Pierre at CCL Cedres caught this media hit about us:The following was broadcast on CBC Radio Canada on Thursday (Nov 21) in Montreal on rethinking the environment:
CCL came up in a program about "rethinking the environmental approach" … they mention Citizen's Climate Lobby at clock time 16:28 … it was aired in prime time. Here is what they said (rough translation) … Finally, if environmentalists want to win, they must take their places in the spheres of power and also continue to be seen … But especially the change will not come from just environmental groups, but from citizens. A conclusion reached is that environmental lobby failures with decision makers in government (costing millions of dollars), has led citizens to turn towards counties and their elected representatives, and by creating organizations like the "Citizen Climate Lobby" that can change the decisions of county officials … Tom of CCL Toronto was on the CBC Radio on Ontario Today this month too and that was caught by Val at Red Lake.

As a lovely reminder – we had 30 face-to-face meetings in November (and more pending this month) – which is a record for a non-CCL Washington Lobbying month (June). We had two meetings with staffers too (Elizabeth May and Justin Trudeau). And our policy and our name was said on the floor of the House of Commons by MP Bruce Hyer.

At the National Conference MP Bruce Hyer said Citizens Climate Lobby is going to save the planet. With results like what we just achieved, I can't help but think Bruce is correct in his assessment. It is unCanadian and not polite to brag. This is not bragging. This is looking at facts. We are moving the ball down the field and in the right direction. You are all part of something incredibly remarkable – you are all remarkable.

We are becoming too connected to fail.