Million Letter March

Citizens Climate Lobby (U.S.A) is a proud sponsor of Million Letter March. Over the next two years the goal is to send a million personal letters about protecting the economy and the climate and documenting them on the Million Letter March web site. Studies show politicians respond more to personalized letters then push button petitions. While the letters are directed to U.S. representatives, Canadians are invited to write a letter to the President of the United States urging U.S. leadership on this global issue.

Letters for the Million Letter March generally will:

  • demonstrate support for real climate solutions, including carbon fees and green checks, smart regulation and public investment.
  • ask for Effective Climate Change Legislation and fight fight false solutions like cap-and-trade-with-offsets
  • we are strongly suggesting a Carbon Fee and Dividends economic solution

Tony Sirna is CCL's IT Director and State Level Policy Coordinator. He lives in Oakland, CA and is also a co-leader of the Alameda County, CA Chapter.