March 2018 CCL Canada Education Call – Macrocritical Resilience Intelligence: ACCESS to the Future

CCL Canada March 2018 Education Call

March 2018 CCL Canada Education Call
Macrocritical Resilience Intelligence: ACCESS to the Future

What is macro-critical resilience? What are Talanoa open dialogues? What is going on below the surface of the international negotiations? Watch our March 2018 CCL Education call with Joseph Robertson, Global Director at Citizens’ Climate Lobby to find out more.

Suggested Reading: Resilience Intelligence: ACCESS to the Futures

The first 30 minutes approximately is Joe’s presentation (29:14).

The second half of the call is series of question by CCL members from across Canada and the world.

  • Q1: What are the best steps Canada’s federal and provincial governments can take to signal action on climate change to the international community and governments? (30:37)
  • Q2: Briefly explain blockchain technology and the roles it could possibly play in international climate finance. (36:58)
  • Q3: Conversations about climate change in Canada are difficult. Fossil fuels continue to be a priority yet we just had an Auditor General’s report highlight how we are not going to meet GHG targets. How do you see Canada using something like Talanoa dialogue to help our national dialogue? (46:03)
  • Q4: You mentioned establishing permanency and carbon pricing mechanisms in Canada. There are opposition parties, putting forward policies based on dismantling existing carbon pricing mechanism. What type of mechanism: fee and dividend or cap and trade is more embedded and difficult to dismantle?
  • Q5: Canadian risk assessments for climate threats are in pockets and far from complete. Is it necessary to assess the risk of harm from a threat in order to know how to become resilient to that threat? (56:08)
  • Q6: What is the relationship between macro resilience and green bonds? (58:37)

ABOUT JOSEPH ROBERTSON Joseph Robertson is CCE’s Global Strategy Director. He does policy analysis, coordinates strategy to train and empower volunteers, and develops new groups abroad. He leads CCE’s engagement with the United Nations, the World Bank, the IMF, the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, and other multilateral institutions. Joe also leads the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network, a global organizing project from Citizens’ Climate Lobby and Citizens’ Climate Education, supported by an Advisory Coalition of partner organizations, aimed at expanding the global civic space for effective climate policy. He is the founder of and the Geoversiv Foundation and is the lead strategist supporting the high-level climate dialogue series Accelerating Progress, Advancing Innovation. Joe is the author of the book Building a Green Economy: On the Economics of Carbon Pricing & the Transition to Clean, Renewable Fuels and a member of the Executive Board of the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development-NY.