Good Green Questions for Greater Sudbury

Good Green Questions for Greater Sudbury


Good Green Questions is back!  Citizens have determined the questions and now it is time to hear the answers from our municipal council candidates.

All 10 mayoral candidates, and 32 councillors have RSVP'd yes to attend the town hall. 

Check out a short video from the mayoral Good Green Town Hall held at the last municipal election:


The PURPOSE of this group is to gather data and suggestions for good green questions to ask Sudburians to consider

The overarching theme is a green, healthy and engaged community. Poverty reduction and social justice are common threads.

The MISSION of the group is to gather and discuss , facts and opinions of Sudburians on environmental, social, and environmental sustainability and then democratically determine which questions we would like to see answered at town halls around a particular issue.

Additional info:

Green jobs, water quality, active transportation, food security and mitigating and adapting to climate change are the main topics that have been identified. However, community sustainability, citizen engagement and poverty reduction are the broad themes.

The goal is to educate and collaborate with our fellow citizens about the problems facing Sudbury at this time of massive change.

WE ENVISION A RESILIENT COMMUNITY that has embraced the massive changes facing us.

We are non-partisan and are not a special interest group. We seek the broadest input possible. We will use democratic processes and the internet to create good green questions that will help Sudbury solve the problems facing us.

The CORE PREMISEs of this group are:

1) There are solutions to every problem.

2) Good problem solving begins with a good question.

3) The massive problems facing us require mass collaboration.

4) The politicians need our help to act on the issues facing us.

5) We can create a better tomorrow by collaborating on the net.

6) 21st century problems should be solved with 21st century tools.

#2 and #6 are the most important.


1) we seek to create questions that will help Sudbury solve problems around a particular issue

2) No politician or political party bashing

3) keep language positive and productive

Four years ago in 2010, some us made a pledge to do whatever we could to make our world a better place between 2011-2015. We were inspired by this video

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