COP 26: Deep Listening and Hope

What happened at COP 26 from a Citizens’ Climate Lobby perspective? How were the heroic efforts of volunteers in CCL Canada since 2010 felt at COP 26? What happens next?

There were happy moments and frustrating moments at COP 26. If you listen deeply, perhaps you will find reasons to hope.

The first video (November 30) takes a more global view of the outcomes COP 26 and the second video (December 2) is a little more North American-centric.

CCI: COP26 Outcomes and the Road Ahead – November 30, 2021

Carefully listen to the layers and layers of developments at COP 26 from Citizens’ Climate International Joseph Robertson, Cathy Orlando,  and David Michael Terungwa as they engage with an international audience. Then, uncover the road ahead.
Nov 30 CCI COP26 Global Online Forum slides (pdf)

CCL Training: COP26 Updates and Recap, December 2, 2021

Watch Citizens’ Climate International Global Strategy Director Joseph Robertson, Citizens’ Climate International Program Director Cathy Orlando,  Isatis Citron, Citizens’ Climate International board member and Latin America Coordinator, and CCL Southeast Regional Coordinator Solemi Hernandez give an update and review on all that happened at COP26 and how it connects with CCL’s work, including our work in Canada. Our heroic efforts since 2010 at CCL Canada were felt at COP 26. December 2, 2021 COP26 slides (pdf)