CCL Canada Education: Carbon Pricing Across Canada with Brett Cease


To help us prepare for our fall 2016 lobbying efforts,  Brett Cease gave us a crash course on the history of pricing carbon pollution in Canada. He then summarized recent  literature on policy feedback and policy resilience.  Finally, he suggested what CCL might learn from our history of pricing carbon pollution within the recent developments in policy feedback and policy resilience framework.

The source of most of Brett’s a presentation was drawn upon the work of Dr. David Houle and an editorial in the Globe and Mail : Why Conservatives Have it Wrong About Trudeau’s Carbon Tax (also titled the Trillion Dollar Question in Print).

Brett’s presentation was dispassionate, insightful and thorough. Your time will be well spent listening to it and following the Power Point.

Presentation Agenda

  • Where are we today
  • Quick History of Carbon Pricing in Canadian Provinces
  • Literature on Policy Resiliency
  • What We’ve Learned from Quebec
  • What We’ve Learned from BC
  • Discussion on Policy Design
  • Closing Thoughts
  • Q&A


Carbon Pricing Across Canada Power Point

Brett Cease is CCL’s Third Coast Regional Coordinator and a Public Policy PhD student at the University of Texas at Dallas. Brett began his career in Northern Minnesota as a wilderness program director and canoe instructor for several outdoor education non-profits including Outward Bound. Educating young adults in outdoor settings lead Brett to become involved in the larger environmental education field – connecting civic engagement with issues-based advocacy as both a high school social studies teacher and college campus sustainability coordinator. Brett has been volunteering with CCL since 2011.

If you have any questions you can contact  Brett: