Canadians Empowered to Navigate Carbon Pricing Discourse with Laser Talks Booklet

Canadians Empowered to Navigate Carbon Pricing Discourse with Laser Talks Booklet

Canadians Empowered to Navigate Carbon Pricing Discourse with Laser Talks Booklet

Climate Action Incentive Payments Spark Release of Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada’s Guide:
“Laser Talks for De-Mystifying Carbon Pricing”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, January 24, 2024
MEDIA CONTACT: Cathy Orlando 705-929-4043

[Sudbury, ON] – In the wake of the distribution of Climate Action Incentive payments to households across the nation in this past week, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada (CCL Canada) has launched an educational initiative aimed at demystifying and clarifying the often-misunderstood realm of carbon pricing. Titled “Laser Talks for De-Mystifying Carbon Pricing” the booklet serves as a concise, powerful resource for Canadians seeking to engage in informed discussions about climate action and can be found here:

Just as a laser focuses energy into a concentrated beam, a Laser Talk distills complex information into brief, impactful statements. This approach empowers individuals to address misinformation, myths, and disinformation surrounding carbon pricing, fostering a more informed and constructive dialogue.

Cathy Orlando (Sudbury), CCL Canada’s National Director cautions, “Beware of slogans that promise easy fixes to complex problems. Multidimensional problems, such as the climate crisis, require multidimensional solutions. And remember that Social Media is not the Encyclopedia Britannica and Social Media Influencers can make a lot of money spreading climate disinformation.”

While the scientific consensus on anthropogenic (man-made) global warming remains steadfast, the strategies employed by climate action skeptics have evolved. Climate change denial has waned in effectiveness. Instead, tactics such as deflection, delay, division, and doomism have taken center stage. The Laser Talks booklet not only dissects these tactics but also provides essential carbon pricing basics.

Many topics are addressed in the Laser Talks booklet including: Does Canada’s carbon tax impact the price of food? Carbon Pricing and the Cost of Gas, The Fairness of Carbon Pricing, and How A 100% Global Switch To Renewables Pays Itself Off In Just 6 Years, to name a few.

“As Canadians and the world grapple with the urgent need for climate action, this Laser Talks booklet clarifies the political discourse and scientific data surrounding one of Canada’s most important climate policies to date: carbon pricing,” says Mark Taylor (Calgary), Deputy Project Manager at Citizens’ Climate Lobby and project manager of “Laser Talks for De-Mystifying Carbon Pricing” booklet.

The booklet has been distributed to Citizens’ Climate Lobby Chapter Leaders in over 40 chapters across Canada. These dedicated volunteers will also be forwarding a copy of this media release to their local media and their local provincial and federal parliamentarians. 

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada is a volunteer-based organization funded solely by Canadians. They have been building political will for a liveable world in Canada since September 2010. To find out more about them, explore their website at