CCL Youth to McKenna, Schiefke, and Trudeau: We’d love to connect.

CCL Youth to McKenna, Schiefke, and Trudeau:
We’d love to connect.

–Posted August 11, 2017–

Dear Honourable Catherine McKenna, Honourable Peter Schiefke, and the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau,

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada will have our annual conference and lobby days in Ottawa on October 21-24, 2017. We would love to meet with you then to connect regarding the climate crisis and what we can do about it.

Here’s what some of us have to say about our experience with Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada:

 alysss t.fw

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is different from other groups in the way it pushes for change by creating mutual understanding and finding common ground. It is about treating all people and opinions with respect and empowering citizens to speak up and use their political and personal powers.

– Alyssa Taburiaux, 17
Nelson, BC
Citizen Climate Lobbyist in Ottawa, November 2016


Lobbying is like protesting except you’re nice and there are no police in the room.

– Sophia Mathur, 10
Sudbury, ON
Veteran Lobbyist of MPs, Senators and the US Congress
Holder of CCL’s Pinky Promise with Minister McKenna

 MBBonn-150x200 Attending the CCL national conference and lobby days in the summer of 2016 was a transformative experience. Having come of age in the new millennium, I believe that climate change is the defining problem of my generation, and the work of groups such as Citizens’ Climate Lobby is how we are going to solve it. 

– Mary Blake Bonn, 28
London, ON
Founder and Group Leader, CCL London
PhD Candidate in Music, Western University
President, Society of Graduate Students, Western University
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 linn.fw From my experience, the youth at CCL are highly informed, passionate, and skilled personalities, who feel strongly that unanimous cross-party relationships and collaboration is the best way to tackle climate change. A meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau would be a great teaching experience for both the youth and the Prime Minister. 

– Linn Murray, 17
Nelson, BC
Citizen Climate Lobbyist in Ottawa, November 2016

 vanessa.fw Being a part of the CCL community has been a critical part of my learning experience as a young environmentalist. By surrounding myself with wise, passionate Canadians, I was able to shape myself into an informed lobbyist. CCL has provided me and other youth with the opportunity to remind political leaders that we are concerned about climate change. 

– Vanessa Fiore, 17
Vaughan, ON
Student at the University of Ottawa
Environmentalist and Animal Rights Activist
 catherine-kiewning CCL is a different kind of political experience, based on relationship building and meeting people where they are at. I really liked the kindness behind its philosophy- not typical of many other ‘lobbyist groups’. 

– Catherine Kiewning, 28
Red Lake, ON
Citizen Climate Lobbyist Since 2012
Proud Cat Mom


Thank you, regardless, for all your hard work for youth and our planet.


CCL Canada Youth