CCCL Newsletter September 29 2014

CCCL Newsletter September 29 2014

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The new anti-spam legislation from the CRTC that takes effect July 1 is one of the strongest legislations in the world. The consequences are it is has put considerable amount of additional work on the national office and we are going to suspend our newsletter until late fall … Read more about how you can help us comply with the new legislation and how to stay in touch 

27 Canadians were in Washington DC lobbying alongside over 600 lobbyists lobbying for Carbon Fee and Dividend. Cheryl shook Obama's hand, MP Bruce Hyer Skyped into the Canadian breakout session and CCLers connected with US politicians that are leading the charge on climate action … Read more here

Carbon Fee Prosperity: CCCL Conference 2014
We are 99% certain Saturday, November 22 to Monday, November 24 is the date of our second annual national conference in Ottawa. Please save the date and check back to our website periodically  for updates … Please bookmark this page
We were going to wait until the fall for a fundraising ask via our newsletter but the CRTC punked our plan.  Please note an MP has again donated money to our conference.  Help us continue the momentum of our success toward a bigger, more powerful international campaign for legislation in both Canada and the United States – one that inspires and changes the world … Find out more here

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