CCCL Newsletter December 2014

CCCL Newsletter December 2014

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Merry Chrishanukwanzaamas and Happy New Year

STORIES ABOUT US IN THE CLEARWATER TIMES: One of our newest CCL group leaders in Canada is Keith McNeil, editor of the Clearwater Times. Keith wrote two articles about our conference and lobbying in Ottawa. The first story shares highlights of the first two days of our conference:  Climate Conference Lobbies for Carbon Fee and Dividend . The second article is about when the rubber hit the road and he lobbied for your carbon dividend cheque: Climate Lobbying Creates Optimism for Participants.  

CANADIANS CONVERGE ON OTTAWA TO BRING THE CARBON FEE AND DIVIDEND MESSAGE TO OTTAWA:   Is it possible to solve the climate crisis without hurting the economy? Oh yes it is and 68 Canadians from Vancouver Island to Quebec travelled to our nation’s capitol and brought what they learned at our conference from our experts to over over 40 parliamentarians … read  Christine Penner Polle's reflections on the conference 

KEEP CALM AND PRICE CARBON, CANADA:  The Penner Polle's donated "Keep Calm and Price Carbon" t-shirts to our conference which quickly became a hit and an underlying theme.  An Environics Poll released November 28, 2014 revealed that 78% of Canadians fear for the kind of legacy climate change will leave for future generations.  Fear not Canada, because the solution is staring right at us  –  PRICE CARBON POLLUTION. … Read more about how our conference has fueled hope in our national manager 

VIEW OUR CONFERENCE which includes:  the welcome from Ottawa City Councilor Chernushenko who donated the space to us; Dr. Katharine Hayhoe inspired us with  A Climate for Change; Michael MacMillan's Tragedy in the Commons  gave us important insights going forward;  Mark Reynolds show us the CCL Way forward; Tom Rand's business case for a low carbon economy is a key antidote for overcoming our paralysis; our Blue Ribbon economics made ECON 101 fun ; and CCL's Parliamentary carbon fee and dividend champion, Bruce Hyer shared with us his perspectives on Parliament and the reptilian  brain. 

OUR VOLUNTEERS NEVER STOP:  Hot on the heels of our successful national conference, CCL Toronto members  helped Ontario's Minister for the Environment and Climate Change,  bring together a round table discussion on climate change on December 3, 2014. Additionally, CCL Halifax met with Nova Scotia's Finance Minister,  Diana Whalen  to discuss carbon fee and dividend.  On January 27, 2015 CCL Toronto in partnership with Four Our Grandchildren and U of T's School of the Environment are hosting a forum on carbon pricing.   Read more here

THE MOMENTUM IS BUILDING FOR TAXING POLLUTION AND NOT OUR INCOME.   Canada is only 7% of the way to meeting our Copenhagen objectives, yet the Harper government is saying it would be crazy to regulate GHG emissions. PM Harper should consider taxing carbon instead of income.  Former leader of the Reform Party of Canada, Preston Manning,  was in the media extolling carbon taxes and  MP Bruce Hyer and Senator Grant Mitchell both asked the government to consider carbon taxes in the House of Commons and Senate respectively. 

WHO IS LAYING DOWN THE TRACKS FOR A LOW CARBON FUTURE? Clean 50 and Canada's Ecofiscal Commission  are business and expert groups calling for a low carbon future. Citizens' Climate Lobby is the grassroots organization that is generating political will for a low carbon future one riding at a time using a proven business model. Find out how to join us HERE. If you don't have time to volunteer please consider donating to us

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