C-CCLers go to Washington – Third Time is a Charm

C-CCLers go to Washington – Third Time is a Charm

Join Citizens Climate Lobbyists (CCLers) from around the world for  Creating a climate for change – Citizens Climate Lobby's conference lobbying days in Washington DC June 23 -25. 

Registration is now open to everyone, thus please feel free to pass this on to your volunteers and local supporters. This is the third year Canadian-CCLers will be part of the effort. CCL plans to visit every single office on Capitol Hill. Plus we will get to be with each other which is incredibly energy giving.

Please Register  HERE.


In Washington you really can feel that anything is possible. With the carbon-pricing bills in Washington DC including Sheldon Whitehouse's Bill and the Boxer-Sander's Bill, this should be an exciting year. We will have stories to tell our MPs and friends by the end of this action oriented adventure for sure!


 Our Keynote Speakers will be Dr. Shi-ling Hsu, The Case for Carbon Tax and Dr. James Hansen, Storms of My Grandchildren.

Abbreviated Itinerary:

  • Sunday, June 23 – Preparing for Lobbying
  • Monday, June 24 – Conference Day
  • Tuesday, June 25 Lobbying Day
  • We are lobbying all week – thus feel free to stay later to help us lobby
    on the Wednesday and Thursday too 
  • Click here for full itinerary

Check out our Promotional Video for this year's conference.

Publications of Canadian CCLers experiences in Washington:

Reasons why Tom Cullen, a C-CCLer who attended the 2012 conference, is going back to Washington to lobby again:
Face-time: 300 or so great CCL volunteers from Alaska to California to New Jersey, to Toronto to Wisconsin; learning and re-inforcing the CCL method; world-renowned experts like Dr. James Hansen; meeting members of Congress from all sides of the issues and their staff and working with CCL experienced volunteers in vital conversations; fun & personal growth! That's why I am going again. Oh, and for a livable world!


To help us coordinate our efforts in Washington, we have created a Facebook page for C-CCLers (Canadian Citizens Climate Lobbyists). It is not necessary for you to join this page. However, if you do join the event, you can possibly use it to help you find roommates, arrange or communicate carpooling, arrange dinner and lunch dates etc.


Canadians: Why lobby on Capitol Hill?

The Harper Government has shown us through their actions and in writing that they are intent on aligning Canada's climate and energy policies with the USA's policies. We have about $900 billion of trade each year with the USA. What happens to them, will happen to us. As Canadians, we are sleeping with an elephant here on Turtle Island / North America.

Thus, citizens of Canada, lobbying in Washington for carbon fee and dividend will help fellow Canadians and our government create sustainable world.