Blog: Mr. and Ms. Canada go to Washington

Blog: Mr. and Ms. Canada go to Washington

Hey Canada! From June 23rd to 25th, twenty-one Canadians will join more than 300 Americans in Washington D.C. to lobby for a price on carbon pollution on Capitol Hill during the fifth annual Citizens Climate Lobby Conference and Lobby Days. Continue reading.


June 25 – Lobby Day. We need you

Today was CCL’s lobby day on Capital Hill. More than 350 CCL volunteers, including 20 Canadians from BC, Ontario and Quebec, met with Members of Congress, Senators and their aides.

I could have easily felt discouraged by my first meeting. Five of us – two young ladies from Oregon, two from Wisconsin and myself – met with the energy aide of a mid-western Senator. Continue Reading.


June 24 – CCL Conference Day

It was a jammed packed day. Powerful, emotional, inspiring. And a little crazy. Try fitting in a full agenda of keynote speakers, a rushed lunch, breakout sessions, a rushed dinner, all the while notifying people about revised meeting locations, scheduling quick meetings to plan for tomorrow's congressional meetings, trying to find out about details of President Obama's climate change announcement tomorrow, finding time to dance with fellow activist and – oh yeah – blogging about the day. Continue reading.


June 23 – Day 1 of CCL Conference and Lobby Days

There is something infectious about someone who wants to be the change they want to see in the world. Imagine being in a room with 80 such people, all of whom want to serve as an antidote to the climate crisis and despair that can go along with it. Continue Reading

Tony Sirna is CCL's IT Director and State Level Policy Coordinator. He lives in Oakland, CA and is also a co-leader of the Alameda County, CA Chapter.