Tabling Checklist

Keep in mind that depending on the venue and/or event some of these may or may not be appropriate.

(1) A conversation starter. Remember, someone who slows down or stops is signaling an interest. Ask some friendly questions about themselves. “What brings you here today? “Where you from?” “Where’d you get that (hat)?” “Are you worried about the climate change?” Get them talking.

(2) A team of people. If at all possible, work in pairs. Ideally, pair up new and experienced members. Keep shifts manageable—typically, 1 to 2 hours.

(3) CCL Handouts (found on Outreach and Tabling page),  Posters (Everything is Connected is a conversation starter) and our banners (Square CCL Canada banner, 15×15 inches in PDF or JPEG or Rectangular CCL Canada banner, 31×4 inches in PDF or JPEG).

(4) A computer and ask people to sign up online to become a supporter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby and receive our updates and invitations to regional, national and international events.

(5) Lots of pens and pencils on hand as well as a notebook for taking down information. Crayons, pencil crayons, magic markers, colouring book pages and activities for young people so parents will linger at your table longer.

(6) Books such as The Case for a Carbon Tax, Waking the Frog or Building a Green Economy.

(7) Water and snacks, depending on the length of the shifts.

(8) Fire-proof tablecloths, if none are provided.