Editorial Board Meeting – Suggested Agenda

Short introductions of everyone. Facilitator gives brief description of CCL and purpose.

Acknowledge newspaper for article, or commentary on climate or environment.

Opening statement: Scientists have warned that a warmer world would increase the frequency and severity of extreme weather. From what we’ve seen of the disasters this year, those predictions are turning out to be accurate. These disasters should be generating a sense of urgency for Congress to deal with climate change, but that’s not happening. And that’s why we want to talk to you today. 

Question: We have some thoughts we’d like to share with you about climate change and possible solutions, but before we do that we’d like to hear what the newspaper’s position is on the science of climate change and what, if anything, we should do to address the problem.

Listen carefully to the responses you get from the editorial board. Based on what you hear, your team can tailor their remarks on the follow topics:

  • The science of climate change: What is the National Academy of Sciences saying? What are scientists saying about the link between climate change and the extreme weather disasters we’re seeing? Cite the recent Scientific American article on the connection between extreme weather and climate change.
  • Creating jobs: The transition to clean energy will produce a net increase in jobs, according to CCL’s “Building a Green Economy” report.
  • Security: What are the national security implications for living in a world where global warming has run amok?
  • Pricing carbon: Present CCL’s fee-and-dividend proposal as a legislative solution that both Republicans and Democrats can get behind.

Ask if there are any questions.

Ask if the newspaper would consider taking an editorial stand in favour of this proposal and leave an editorial packet with them.

Ask who is the best person to be in touch with whenever we have information to share with the editorial board.

Thank them for their time.