Sample Letters to the Editor

REMINDER: Our official talking points are in our media releases and laser talks.

Here are sample letters to the editor in response to various issues:

Creating a 21st Century Vision for Canada

Let’s Lead By Example

We Lobby For the Poor

Carbon Fee and Dividend Good for Rural Canadians

Premier Clark Fails on Climate Change

Women are best positioned to respond to climate change

MDs Back Climate Action

No time for half measures in going green in Alberta

Canada, Carbon Pricing,President-Elect Donald Trump and Border Tax Adjustments

Climate Challenge Worth Fighting For

The National Debt and Climate – both scary

Beware of crimes against the environment

Time to Choose: Pipelines vs Real Climate Action

Clean Tech vs Dirty Oil

Carbon Calculations

Pivoting from pipeline to infrastructure (Pipeline economics)

A whole series of arguments of how and why to make carbon pricing national and revenue neutral

Revenue-neutrality needed to  protect low and middle income Canadians

The Syrian War

How to make carbon pricing fair for farmers 

How to help an MP and create political will together

Carbon taxes are allowed under NAFTA 

Low Carbon Transition is Crucial (Canada’s GHG targets are inadequate and there are co-benefits)

Sask. Party’s climate proposal is just a smokescreen

Vote wisely to preserve our planet

Solid emission reduction essential for further LNG development in B.C.

Carbon pricing can’t stand alone

Uniting for renewables

Climate Change Misinformation

Canada needs a rising fee on carbon emissions, revenue returned to households