Reflections of Lobbying in Washington DC June 2014

Reflections of Lobbying in Washington DC June 2014

CCL 2014 Capitol cropped
Photo by Erica Flock 
Read the media release: 600 citizen lobbyists take market-based solution for global warming to Capitol Hill

Read the CCL Conference 2014 report. 

Caterina Lindman from Kitchener-Waterloo said,"The conference was truly inspiring.  It was a privilege to be among so many citizens building the political will for effective climate legislation."

During the opening ceremonies at the conference national CCL leaders from around the world Skyped into the meeting from Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, India, Germany, Belgium, England, Sweden and Canada. 

Former Republican Congressman (South Carolina) and now the President of the Energy and Enterprise Initiative, Bob Inglis was the keynote speaker at the conference. Here he is  with Lyn, Amar and Maureen. 

At the Canadian breakout session Bruce Hyer and Cathy Skyped into the session to listen to and share strategies and ideas.

Serendipitiously, Cheryl (holding the black folder) met President Obama at lunch. Image source: 


Canadians sang O'Canada on the steps of Capitol Hill on the lobbying day.

CCLers with the Independent  Senator for Vermont, Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders is an outspoken climate hawk in the US Senate. 

At the end of the lobbying day, Canadians (Cheryl, Caterina, Sharon and Lyn) connected with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. Senator Whitehouse has been seeking middle ground with unlikely climate advocates lately

Lyn Adamson from Toronto said, "I feel so hopeful. We are really getting close to effective legislation. It is a fantastic experience to be part of this push for the future!"

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