Media Release: Majority of Canadians Vote For Carbon Pricing

Media Release: Majority of Canadians Vote For Carbon Pricing

Majority of Canadians Vote For Carbon Pricing

For Immediate Release: October 22, 2019
Media Contact: Cathy Orlando, , 705-929-4043

Sudbury ON: On October 21, 2019, Canada elected a minority government that is pro-carbon pricing. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won a close election yesterday against a Conservative challenger who had promised to dismantle the nation’s policies on climate change, including the core carbon pricing policy.

Of the popular vote, 65.6% of Canadians voted for parties that support carbon pricing. Of 338 seats in the House of Commons, 67% of them (227 seats) were secured by pro carbon pricing politicians. The seat breakdown was as follows: Liberals 157, Bloc Québécois, 32; New Democrats 24; Greens 3; Independent 1 and Conservatives 121. Of concern is that Canada appears to be a country that is divided. All but one of the parliamentary seats in our oil and gas country, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, were won by the Conservative Party.

The climate crisis was a top issue in the Canadian election for the first time. However, it will probably be remembered as the dirtiest election in living memory. It was an election that included misleading robocalls in Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia sending voters to the wrong location, fake news stories and deeply misleading advertisements about Canada’s carbon pricing policy.

“The election results are a resounding endorsement of carbon pricing in Canada,” says Cathy Orlando, the National Director of Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada. “This election was also a resounding affirmation of the critical thinking skills of Canadians. However, we cannot be complacent. The victory for Prime Minister Trudeau is a minority government. Historically in Canada, minority governments rarely lasts more than two years. As well, Canada’s climate goals are woefully inadequate and we are a country that is divided. Canadians have some soul-searching to do.”

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada, along with many civil society groups are signatories to the following ask of our Parliamentarians co-ordinated by Climate Action Network Canada:

The next four years are crucial in responding to the climate emergency. This crisis requires transcending partisan lines for the benefit of all Canadians. We are counting on you.Unite and take decisive action:

1. Listen to the scientists. Set climate targets aligned with the best available science and limit warming to 1.5C
2. Create mechanisms to keep government accountable and on track
3. Ensure a just transition for workers and communities
4. Stop letting big oil define policy: no more subsidies, no further expansion
5. Fully implement the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People and respect free, prior, and informed consent.


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