MEDIA RELEASE: Can a couple of cartoon panels help save the planet? -CCL BC

MEDIA RELEASE: Can a couple of cartoon panels help save the planet? -CCL BC

Can a couple of cartoon panels help save the planet?

For Immediate Release: November 24, 2015

Winston Churchill often responded to a lengthy and convoluted proposal by asking that it be summarized onto one sheet of paper. He seemed to feel that if an idea couldn’t fit on one sheet of paper, it likely was too complicated to work.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby – Canada feels the same way. The group has produced not a sheet of paper but two cartoon panels that summarize why the organization likes carbon fee and dividend and is not so fond of cap and trade as methods to control human-caused climate change. The cartoons are being sent this week to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister for Environment and Climate Change, plus the provincial premiers, many whom are going to the upcoming COP21 climate change conference in Paris.

The cartoons are popular. “The panels each contain three cartoon strips that I developed with a group of other CCLers,” says Cathy Orlando, national manager for Citizens’ Climate Lobby – Canada. “When I showed them to a member of the Ontario legislature, she took my master copies away from me and wouldn’t give them back, she liked them so much.”

Citizens’ Climate Lobby – Canada is a nationwide organization with about 400 members whose goal is to create political will for policy that effectively addresses climate change. They are asking our representatives and governments to support carbon fee and dividend – putting a direct fee on carbon-based fuels at the source and returning the fee’s revenue to households in the form of regular payments. It is part of the U.S.-based umbrella group, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, which has chapters all around the world.

For further information, contact: Cathy Orlando, National Manager, Citizens’ Climate Lobby – Canada, 705-929-4043

Link to carbon fee and dividend cartoon:
Link to cap and trade cartoon:

Cathy Orlando has put her words to work for the climate by getting letters and opinion pieces published in newspapers in every province in Canada. When she’s not safeguarding the climate alongside the best volunteers on the planet, you can probably find her stargazing, dancing, reading books not about climate change, hanging out with her husband Sanjiv, and mothering her three cherished daughters.