LASER TALKS: Pan-Canadian Expert Collaboration

The climate crisis is a non-partisan issue. To help reflect that, we can use the UK’s Climate Change Act (2008) as a model.[1] This was a recommendation of Ontario’s Environment Commissioner in “Climate Action in Ontario: What’s Next?”[2]

As part of the act, an arms-length agency to advise the UK on climate policy was established. In April 2019, Canada initiated a similar process and established a research team designed to give Canadians and their government’s credible, authoritative advice on climate change and clean energy development.[3]

The Pan-Canadian Expert Collaboration includes more than 20 post-secondary institutions and research groups from across the country. It was established to provide independent research and advice in three areas — carbon pricing, clean energy development, and strategies for climate-change adaptation.[4] It was also established to “fill existing information gaps and help translate research into useful information for policy decision-making.”

The collaboration will receive up to $20 million from the federal government over the next five years (funding first announced in the 2018 budget) and has a stated purpose to act as “an independent, standalone organization” that will have the power to “set its own agenda and operate independently from government.”[5]

The climate emergency is complex and a non-partisan issue. Incorporating independent and evidence-based policy advice from a broad range of credible sources is critical to ensuring the health and safety of all.

The federal government can build on the Pan-Canadian Expert Collaboration by establishing legally binding science-based targets.

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