LASER TALK: Why Climate Policies Should Focus on Emissions Cuts

LASER TALK: Focus on emissions cuts, not renewable technologies

Climate policies should focus on the criteria of GHG emissions cuts and not the solution of renewable technology. Criteria-based designs, without specific technological preferences beforehand, begin with the end in mind – GHG emissions cuts. Whereas when focusing on solutions (renewable technologies) and not criteria (emissions cuts), there is a grave risk that once locked into solution mode, only sub-optimal systems full of conflict of interests are produced.

We hope Canadians take lessons from south of the border and the election of Donald Trump. A criticism on the right side of the political spectrum is that climate policies are not about reducing carbon emissions but a government cash grab (1).  If we don’t listen to the criticisms about climate policies, we risk going backward on the climate file at election time.

Carbon fee and dividend is designed to reduce emissions. A study prepared for Citizens’ Climate Lobby by Regional Economic Modeling Inc., predicts carbon fee and dividend in the USA would reduce emissions by 50% below 1990 levels within two decades — far beyond what our governments are talking about (2).


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