At the 2015 climate talks in Paris, Canada, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories became founding partners of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (1).  Citizens’ Climate Lobby joined the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition in September 2015. Carbon Pricing Leadership partners all agree the world needs to price carbon fairly, effectively and efficiently, as soon as possible (2).

As part of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, the World Bank and the Organisation for Economic Development (OECD) released a report outlining proposed carbon pricing principles that are crucial for success to decarbonize the world economy by 2100 (3) and how the world can get there “FASTER”.

FASTER Principles include the following elements:
– A steadily intensifying price signal,
– Upstream pricing,
– Administrative simplicity,
– Fiscal dividend.

The FASTER Principles are an acronym for:
Alignment of policies and objectives
Stability and predictability
Efficiency and cost-effectiveness
Reliability and environmental integrity

(1) Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition Official Launch  Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (November 2015)
(2) Carbon Pricing Leadership – The First Success at COP 21  CarbonPricing Leadership Coalition (December 15, 2015)
(3) FASTER PRINCIPALS  World Bank (October 2015)

TAKE HOME MESSAGEs: Canada, Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, and BC are partners in Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC). When we are critiquing provincial and federal carbon pricing policies, we can remind them that under the CPLC  they have signed onto FASTER principles [if they are not abiding by the principles]. As well, Canada and the subnational governments that have signed onto the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition comprise a significant proportion of the CPLC and Minister McKenna took a huge leadership role at COP21. Thus our work at CCL Canada is going to have global implications.

The USA is not part of CPLC and California is the only US state in the CPLC.

trudeau tweet.fw

PM Trudeau tweeted this picture at COP 21  with this message:
“To fight climate change, we’re all in this together. Canada is back.”

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