Citizens’ Climate Lobby does not advocate for or against nuclear power generation. We understand the science that shows the low-carbon generating capacity of nuclear power, and we understand the objections that many people raise. Dr. Hansen, the world’s preeminent climate scientist and a member of our Advisory Board, supports nuclear energy as a way to help speed the transition from fossil fuels to a zero-emissions energy economy. Fourth Generation nuclear can theoretically reduce the amount of radioactive waste the world must deal with, but cost projections for the business model are uncertain.

Our aim

CCL’s aim is to correct the market’s failure to accurately price carbon-emitting fuels, by passing legislation to internalize fossil fuel externalities to industry, so investors will move to low-carbon alternatives.

CCL does not advocate for or against nuclear and expects the low-carbon energy marketplace will play the lead role in deciding whether it is viable in the post carbon-fuel era.


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