LASER TALK: CCL Canada’s Position on Nuclear Energy

LASER TALK: CCL Canada’s Stance on Nuclear Energy

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada does not advocate for or against nuclear power generation.

We understand the science that shows the low-carbon generating capacity of nuclear power, and we understand the objections that many people raise, regarding risk to health and safety, and to the environment.

Dr. Hansen—the world’s preeminent climate scientist and a member of our sister organization Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Advisory Board—supports nuclear energy as a way to help speed the transition from fossil fuels to a zero-emissions energy economy.

Fourth Generation nuclear power generation can theoretically reduce the amount of radioactive waste the world must deal with, but cost projections for the business model are uncertain, and reactors using this technology will take decades to develop. As with any energy technology or climate solution, we stick to our focus on a livable future for all—that means energy systems a) should not pollute, b) should not disrupt the climate system, c) should operate safely at all times, and d) should not impose massive hidden costs on society and nature.

Our aim

CCL Canada’s aim is to support citizen volunteers in their efforts to create political will that will redirect financial flows away from climate-destabilizing pollution and towards a thriving and equitable future. This is a heavy lift that deserves constant attention to the highest standards. We agree with the United Nations’ Integrity Matters report: net-zero strategies need to be verifiable, and materially low-carbon and clean.

As the adage says, “He who runs after two hares will catch neither.”


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