I/We Endorse Carbon Fee and Dividend

I/We Endorse Carbon Fee & Dividend

The impacts of climate change—including destabilized weather patterns, costly forest fires, and rising seas — pose a substantial and imminent threat to our health, prosperity and security. The costs are growing and already burdening businesses, taxpayers, municipal budgets and families. Our economy, infrastructure, public safety and health are directly at risk. Prudent action now will be far less costly than the consequences of a delayed response and will create a more stable business and social environment for our nation.

Therefore, I/we urge the Canadian Parliament and other elected officials to support Carbon Fee & Dividend, a form of carbon tax that will significantly reduce carbon emissions, create jobs, grow the economy, save lives and protect households from higher energy prices.

Carbon Fee & Dividend places a fee on fossil fuels at their source (the well, mine, or port of entry) increasing annually by at least $10 per tonne of CO2. All revenues are returned to households as a monthly dividend.


  • A predictably increasing price on carbon sends a clear market signal encouraging investment in clean energy.
  • With all revenue returned equally, two-thirds of Canadian households will break even or receive more in dividends than they would pay in higher living expenses, protecting the poor and middle class.
  • A border adjustment discourages domestic businesses from relocating where they can emit more

CO2 and encourages other nations to adopt an equivalent price on carbon.

  • A national carbon fee and dividend ensures consistency across the country and can work with

provincial carbon pricing systems.

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