ICYMI: Canadians Can Participate in CCL’s Snowman Contest

ICYMI: Canadians Can Participate in CCL’s Snowman Contest

What is this:  An Instagram photo contest for the best, most creative snowman ‘protest’ photo. Individuals or groups get together to make an individual snowman or group of snowmen and take a picture to submit to instagram. There will be 3 prizes (1st = $500, 2nd = $300, 3rd = $200). CCL will select 10 Finalists and post them on Instagram. Winning pictures will be selected out of the finalists by the photo with the most comments during a weeklong voting period. Pictures must be hashtagged #SnowmanProtest and CCL must be tagged @citizensclimate

Background:  Snowmen stand a lot to lose from climate change. And, they don’t have a vote. So, we support snowmen protests as a way to raise awareness for climate action, and to ask our members of Congress to work together to solve climate change. This winter, get creative and build your best protesting snowpeople. Your protesting snowmen can be holding a sign encouraging action on climate if you like, or let their poses speak for themselves. 

Deadline: Sunday, February 23rd at 11:59pm PT

Restrictions: Canadians outside of Quebec cannot participate due to restrictions in Quebec for online contests.

Rules: https://cclca.wpengine.com/snowman-protest/

Snowmen have a lot to lose from climate change. This winter, give them a voice. 

  1. Build and stage your own snowman (or snowwoman, or snow animal) protest and take a picture. If you live in an area with no snow, you can still participate. Your snowman can be made from melted snow, sand, or other naturally occurring materials.
  2. Post your snowman protest photo on Instagram. Make sure to use the hashtag #snowmanprotest and tag @citizensclimate 
  3. Be sure to post and tag your photo by Sunday, February 23rd at 11:59pm PT to be entered into the contest to win. 
  4. Prizes for the best snowman protest photo are: 1st place: $500, 2nd place $300, 3rd place $200.
  5. After Feb. 23rd, a panel of judges will select 10 images as finalists. CCL will post each of the finalist photos on its Instagram account. From the finalist photos, three winners will be selected, determined by the largest number of comments during a week-long voting period.

Promote your snowman:
Be sure to tell you local media. Congrats CCL Okanagon for getting your Snowman in your local news

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This contest is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Instagram. 

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