Green Energy Act – Open Letter

Green Energy Act – Open Letter

To the leaders of the Liberal, Progressive Conservative, NDP and Green Parties of Ontario


Ontario is at an important juncture as we head into a provincial election this October.


With the Green Energy Act and feed-in-tariff program, Ontario is well positioned to being a seller in the world’s fastest growing market. This is an enviable position that we can ill-afford to jeopardize. While the Act can always be improved with appropriate modifications, the support it provides in seeding the Ontario renewable energy industry is invaluable.


Since its inception just two years ago, the Act has generated billions of dollars in new investment in this province both from Ontario and around the world. Approximately 30 companies will set up or expand operations in Ontario, 13,000 clean tech jobs have been created, with tens of thousands projected to come within a few years, thousands of construction and trades workers are benefiting and thousands of applications have been offered to date.


Any threat to undermine the mechanism that has prompted this growth and diversification creates investment uncertainty and undermines confidence in our economy. Most importantly, the financial institutions that will underwrite these investments need long-term certainty in order to build the capacity to deliver the financial services required by these projects. To that end, it is also imperative to honour all existing contractual obligations.


As leaders of your parties, we encourage you to continue guiding Ontario towards these opportunities through sustained clean energy policy. Provincial investment in securing long term growth in clean technology is relatively small when taking into account the ensuing wide-scale economic growth, long-term energy security and greenhouse gas mitigation.


Ontario is considered a new world leader in the transition to the clean energy economy due to the Green Energy Act and feed-in-tariff program. Any decision to undermine this exciting development will come at great cost to our province in the years to come.


Thank you for considering our input at this pivotal point in Ontario’s history.


We the Undersigned

A&T Energy, Johanne Baril, President,

Adam Chow Web & Graphic Design, Adam Chow, Web & Graphic Designer,

Adelaide Solar Energy Inc.,

AEI Canada, Inc., Marty Fleet, Sales & Business Development Manager, Canada,

AGT Solar, Graham Smith, Executive Vice President,

Anemos Energy Corporation, Rob Parsons, President,

Arcadian Projects Inc., James Neeb & Luke Shantz, Co-founders,

Aspyre Human Resources, Matthew Simon, President,

AVACOS Clean Energy Corporation,Steven Costa, Executive Director,

AVCMEDIA, Trifon Haitas, Documentarian,

Blackline Power,

Blackstone Energy Solutions, Inc., Bruce Chandler, Principal,

Cambridge Environmental Products Inc., Diane Neve, Operations Manager,

Canadian Solar Solutions Inc, Milfred Hammerbacher, President,

Capstone Infrastructure Corporation, Michael Bernstein, President and  CEO,

Carbon Free Technology Inc., David Oxtoby, CEO,

Centrosolar Canada Inc., Robert Waddell, General Manager,

Circle Media, Angela Wood, President,

Cleave Energy, David Cleave, President; & Robert Christie, VP,

Community Renewable Energy Waterloo (CREW), Glen Woolner, Board member,

CY-OP Inc., Peter Murray, President,

Davin Corporation, Elyse Cleave, Vice President,

DC:Dickson Consulting, John Dickson, Founder, SeniorConsultant,

DMF Technology Applications, Doug Fyfe, Owner,

EcoGen Energy Inc, Chris Weissflog, President; & Annede Gobeo, Partner,

EcoGeneration Services, Faizal Karmali, Director,

Endeavour Centre for Innovative Learning, Building and Living, Chris Magwood, Director,

Enercontrol Technologies, Bill Prout, President,

Energent, Craig Haney, Director of Marketing,

Energy Profiles Limited, Michael McGee, Managing Director,

Energy Recycling Concepts,

EnerMin Solutions, Neil Kromhout, President,

Enfinity Canada, Chris Young, Managing Director,

Enviro-Energy Technologies Inc, Jaymie Houle, Photovoltaic Technician; & Steve Eng, Energy Engineer,

Estill Energy Inc.,

Ethosolar, Sean Hammond, Director of Business Operations; & Jeremy DeSota, Director,

EverEnergy, Carole Charbonneau, President,

Farm Energy Inc, Chris Meier, President,

Foghorn Renewable Energy Inc., Ariel Bautista, CEO,

Fountain Communications, Norah Fountain, Communications Specialist,

Fraser & Company, Marion Fraser, President,

Free Breeze Energy Systems Ltd., John Hogg, President,

Future Acceptance Corporation, Peter Duffus, Managing Partner,

Generation Seven Consulting,

Generation Solar Renewable Energy Systems Inc., Jean-Pierre Pawliw, Vice-President,

GlobeScan Incorporated, Doug Miller, Chairman,

Go Solar Canada, Dan Holtl, Partner,

GranVal Construction Inc., Bill Smith, President,

Green & Clean Energy Co. Ltd., Mark McNally, Vice-President,

Green Pathways, Todd Smith, President,


Kinghaven Energy Consultants Ltd., Jay Willmot, President,

Koenig & Consultants Inc., Dr. Christine Koenig, President, Managing Partner, & Dr. Ingo Koenig, Managing Partner,

LDK Solar Co. Ltd., Lihui Guo, Vice President,

LIFE co-op, Rob Yost, Vice president,

Local Content Assurance Bureau, Etienne Lecompte, Managing Director,

MacKinnon, Bennett & Co., Kenneth MacKinnon, President,

McGhee-Krizsan Engineering Limited, Karen McGhee, President,

Merlyn Power, Scott Cooper, Principal,

Mike Witherell Mechanical Ltd., Mike Witherell, President,

Mindscape Innovations, Derek Satnik, Managing Director; & Kyle Anders, Sustainable Design Specialist,

MLH Productions,

Moore Partners, Susan Moore, President,

Morgan Solar Inc., Emma Hemmingsen, Communications Manager,

N//ERGY Solutions Inc., Bruce Rolston, President,

Northland Power, John Brace, President and CEO; Paul Bradley, CFO; & Sam Mantenuto, COO,

One Box Power, Antonio Nucaro, Owner,

Ontario Solar Network, Jacob Travis, President,

Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, Kristopher Stevens, Executive Director,

Ontario Windsmith Inc, Anton Schoenberger, President,

Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative Inc.,

Ottawa Solar Power, Michael McGahern, President,

OYA Solar Inc., Manish Nayar, Managing Parnter,

Pearl Street Communications, Curt Hammond, Chief Listening Officer,

Perfection Inspection Limited,

Pine River Solar Inc., Jeremy Nussbaumer, Manager/Project Coordinator,

Port Picton Homes, Nancy Cleave, President,

Power of the Sun2 Solar, Joan Heath, President,

Power One Solar Solutions Inc., Michael Bourdeau, VP of Operations,

Praxis Dialectic, Milan Seres, Managing Director,

Precept Benchmark Consulting Inc., Stephen Bieda, Chief Green Officer,

Prowind Canada Inc., Catherine Weston, President,

Pure Solar, Syd Healey, Owner,

Quantum Renewable Energy, Rick Rooney, President,

Radical Energy Inc, Ryan Dick, President,

Radicle Consulting, Shane Mulligan, Principal,

RB & W Corp., Colton M. Young, Junior Energy Consultant,

ReGenerate Biogas Inc., Daniel Bida, President,

Restoration Gardens Inc., Leslie Doyle, Owner,

S.A.T. Solar & Alternative Technology, Remo Bonewitz, General Manager,

Satcon Technology Corporation, Todd Nguyen, Regional Sales Manager,

Schuco Canada, Dennis McIntyre, Director of Sales Canada,

Silfab Ontario Inc., Paolo Maccario, General Manager and COO,

Siliken Canada Corporation, Paco Caudet, General Manager,

Sky Fire Energy,

SkyPower Limited, Kerry Adler, President and CEO,

SLK Solar Corporation, Marc Clark, General Manager,

Solar Cities Initiative, Graham Fowler, manager,

Solar Share,

Solart Group,

Solcan, Bob Swartman, CEO,

Solexica Solar Development Corp., Adam Perrin, CTO,

Solrcon Green Energy Systems, David Kalbarski, DirectorofOperations,

Solsmart Energy Solutions Inc., Andrew McCormack, Business Development Manager; & John Caruso, Project Manager,

Sovello Canada Inc., Jan Dressel, President & CEO,

Steenhof Building Services Group, Jack Steenhof, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., President,

Step Change Communications, Jane Dalziel, Principal,

Sun Energy Experts, Yana Kultysheva, Operations Manager,

Supan Solar Solutions Inc., Dr. Raye Thomas, Vice President and COO,

TECO Natural Resource Group, Andrew Moores, Manager, BusinessDevelopment,

The East Asia Company, operating as the Third World Bazaar, Peggy and Dick Bakker, Owners,

Trent Metals Limited, William Edmanson, President,

Trillium Point Group Inc., Bill Hale, President

twigenergy inc., Kathrin Ohle, Principal,, David Miller, President,

VCi GreenFunds, Tom Rand, Managing Director,

Vigor Clean Tech Inc., Dale Brubacher-Cressman, President,

William L. Shore, William L. Shore, President

Wind Simplicity Inc, Sharolyn Vettese, Wind Simplicity CEO,

Windsor Personnel, Kevin Deziel, Account Manager,

Yield Energy Inc., Tom Ferencevic, Chief Technology Officer,

Zephyr North Ltd., Dr. Jim Salmon, President,



Other Supporters


Post Carbon Toronto, Kathryn Tait, Vice Chair,

Reduce the Juice, a Project of Tides Canada Initiatives, Sara Wicks, Director,

Transition Toronto, Andrew Knox, Founder,

University of Ottawa SUN Lab, Joan Haysom, Manager-SolarProjects,