CCL Halifax Open House

CCL Halifax Open House


"Get involved with a national climate action organization, Citizens' Climate Lobby, which is creating the political will for a more liveable world"

Starting Tuesday, September 24th from 7:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. at the Ecology Action Centre (a.k.a. the EAC) on Fern Lane off May Street off Robie. 

It is a "get to know CCL" event.

They will continue meet every last Tuesday of every month, same time same place to review the CCL monthly actions.

Learn transferable lobbying, public speaking and PR skills No fees, dues, donations necessary–just the desire to help mend the web of life Mother Nature has spun by reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

The purposes of this first meeting are to communicate the essence of CCL:

1/ the laser focus they have on carbon fee and dividend

2/ outline their monthly structure of a teleconference call and meeting with monthly actions

3/ share their Gandhian, non-partisan approach

4/ have participants experience one of our CCL calls

5/ tell participants about the upcoming conference and lobbying days in November in Ottawa

6/ most importantly, answer lots of questions

If you are in Facebook – join the CCL Halifax Facebook group. If you are not Facebook – don't worry it is not necesary to join Facebook. In fact our Executive Director encourages us to stay out of Facebook. Our actions are mainly focused in mainstream media and our MPs' offices.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The cost of the poster was offset  by their local MP and that is why her information is also on the poster. The artist is Christy Lee Bojarski.