CCL Education: An Honest Conversation about Electricity Prices in Ontario with Mike Schreiner – April 13, 2017

CCL Education: An Honest Conversation about Electricity Prices in Ontario with Mike Schreiner – April 13, 2017

Dispelling electricity myths in Ontario will help us keep the discussions honest.



Mike Schreiner Electricity Prices April 2017


More about Mike:

Mike Schreiner was elected leader of the Green Party of Ontario on November 14, 2009. Under Mike’s leadership the GPO has experienced substantial growth in its identified supporters, fundraising, staff, volunteers and media exposure. He has lead successful policy campaigns to push the provincial government to fund the Experimental Lakes Area, ban neonicotinoid pesticides and price carbon pollution. A leading advocate for independent businesses, local food, and sustainable communities, Mike is well known for his leadership in co-founding the award-winning Local Food Plus organization and for his successful Guelph-based small businesses, WOW Foods and Earthdance Organics.

His business was awarded the Citizen’s Bank of Canada Ethics in Action Award for socially responsible business and the Toronto Food Policy Council’s Local Food Hero Award. While at Local Food Plus, the organization won the Canadian Environment Award for Sustainable Living, two Green Toronto Awards of Excellence and NOW Magazine’s Best of Toronto Award for best new environmental initiative.

Family and community are important to Mike. His wife Sandy and their two daughters are active, spending their free time gardening, hiking, fishing, cycling and volunteering in community activities.Mike has served as a volunteer on boards and committees such as the Board of Directors of the Guelph based FarmStart, the Brewer’s Plate Steering Committee, Green Enterprise Ontario Steering Committee, a governor for the Canadian International Peace Project, Treasurer and Board member of Campus Coop Daycare, the Toronto Food Policy Council, among others.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada’s official talking points are found in our Laser Talks and Media Releases. We do not take an official stand on nuclear energy, privatizing Hydro One or any of the many issues associated with electricity prices. Our volunteers will make up their own minds. We are doing our best to make the connections between electricity prices and the low carbon transition we are now in.

This CCL Canada discussion is the beginning of a meaningful discussion our volunteers in Ontario will be engaging in over the next year. Much thanks to Mike Schreiner for kick-starting the conversation.

We will be updating CCL Ontario’s 2014 Media Packet: Myths, Facts and Hope About Ontario’s Electricity System – expected by early June 2017.

Ontario Needs An Electricity Policy Plan – April 2017

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