CCCL Newsletter Earth Day 2014

CCCL Newsletter Earth Day 2014

Happy Earth Day everyone. On this day, we are celebrating the projects and passions of our volunteers and friends. 

Waka Waka Power by Caterina Lindman, CCL Kitchener-Waterloo. "I'd like share with you the story of Waka Waka power.  Waka Waka is fun to say, and it means shining bright in Swahili.  Of the seven billion people in the world, there are 1.5 billion people who do not have access to electricity" …  Read more here

What – no geothermal energy incentives! by Yannick Trottier, CCL Mississauga … An article about saveONenergy – learn how a noble-sounding program can in fact be hiding a fossil subsidy that encourages fossil systems over newer green technology … Read more here


The Great March for Climate Action by Anita Payne, CCL  Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox-and-Addington
Anita was the first Canadian to join the Great March for Climate Action … Read more here 

Fighting "Old Harry" in the Gulf of St Lawrence by Mary Gorman, CCL Central Nova. Mary was one of our guest speakers at our first national conference and lobbying days. Every Canadian should know about what is happening in the Gulf of St. Lawrence with regards to oil and gas exploration … Read more here.
The Our Horizon Initiative: Putting climate change in the hands of Canadians by Rob Shirkey, Executive Director of  Our Horizon. In early 2013, Laurel at CCL Montreal, brought the Our Horizon initiative to the attention of Canadian CCLers. Key to creating the political will for effective climate policy is education. The Our Horizon Initiative is a powerful idea. Thus, in May 2013, CCL started working directly with Our Horizon …  Read more about this here


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