CCCL Newsletter – December 2013 – Help Us

CCCL Newsletter – December 2013 – Help Us


In Canada we are currently 100% volunteer driven at CCL. Our success has been made possible because of our dedicated volunteers. These concerned citizens are committed to solving the climate crisis.
An immediate priority is raising funds to hire staff to sustain the organization’s remarkable growth. For perspective, CCL USA now has nine paid staff and are currently fundraising for six more paid staff.
Help us hire a part-time Administrative Assistant and a part-time Communications Officer to advance our important work to develop the political will for effective action on climate change and transtion to a clean energy economy.
Our National Manager, Cathy Orlando will continue to donate her time to run the day-to-day operations of this organization until the federal election in 2015. It is her in kind donation to the organization. Cathy also donates cash money and has paid for all of CCL’s office expenses and all her own travel.  Cathy and her CCL Sudbury chapter ran four fundraisers starting in October 2012 and raised over $7500 to make sure we could conduct a  conference in November 2013. 
Imagine, with your help, what we could achieve with paid staff to support CCL’s work! 

Please note we are not a charitable organization in Canada thus cannot tax receipts to Canadian taxpayers.

CCL USA is currently acting as our fiscal agent and external auditor. 

To help us create the political will for a liveable world, please consider making an online donation today! 

All Canadian donations go to support Canada’s Citizens Climate Lobby.

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Cathy Orlando has put her words to work for the climate by getting letters and opinion pieces published in newspapers in every province in Canada. When she’s not safeguarding the climate alongside the best volunteers on the planet, you can probably find her stargazing, dancing, reading books not about climate change, hanging out with her husband Sanjiv, and mothering her three cherished daughters.